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CISSP stands for Certified Information Systems Security Professional certification is a world-renowned certification being offered by the (ISC)2 that is, International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium.


In the CISSP certification course, a candidate’s knowledge, skills, and ability are evaluated in all the sections of information security. CISSP certified professionals are hired to design, implement, control, and manage a secure business environment.


It is not easy to crack your way through the CISSP exam as there is an 80% failure rate in the CISSP exam. There are only 94,000 CISSP certified professionals in 149 countries where the CISSP certification is offered.


CISSP is the first-ever certification in the field of information system security. With the standards of ISO/IEC 17024 and ANSI ISO/IEC 17024:2003 accredited.


The CISSP certification has become an international benchmark for information system security professionals. It has also received approval from the Information Assurance Managerial (IAM) department and Information Assurance Technical (IAT) department of the U.S. Department of defense and is regarded as the foundation for U.S. National Security Agency ISSEP program.


Let’s talk about concepts covered in this world-renowned certification course.




The CISSP certification training consists of the following concepts and topics:


  • Cryptography
  • Access control systems
  • Security management practices
  • Asset security
  • Identify and access management
  • Security engineering
  • Security and risk management
  • Security operations
  • Communications and network security
  • Security assessment and testing
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity plans
  • Investigation laws and ethics


These domains cover all aspects of information security systems. All these above-mentioned topics are also explained in CBK – Common Body of Knowledge which comes in handy for self-study.


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Eligibility criteria to appear for a CISSP exam are:


  • Collective of five years of full-time work experience in two or more sectors mentioned in the Common Body of Knowledge under the ISC2 CISSP.


  • If a candidate has a college degree studying information security systems for four years, a year of the full-time work experience will be waived off.


  • Candidates taking up the CISSP course without experience will be given the associate of ISC2 certification and they can achieve the CISSP certified tag when they fulfill the criteria of 5 years cumulative work experience in the following 6 years.


The examination of CISSP is of six-hour duration and the candidate is required to solve 250 questions in the exam.

CISPP exam is difficult to pass but with the right amount of knowledge, skills, and dedication, you can crack this exam. Once you pass the CISSP certification exam employers understand that you have the required skills and knowledge for information system security and offer you a good post in their company.



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Certification plays a major role in getting hired in a renowned company of your choice and when it comes to the field of information system security field, the CISSP certification is one of the best and world-recognized certifications. Only a dedicated few can crack this exam and get CISSP certified. Though the process seems to be difficult, the benefits of earning CISSP certification are many:


  1. Need for CISSP certified professionals:

Every business and government sector is prone to security threats and there rises a need for a professional, who can design an information security system to the ensure safety of the data and information of the company. These companies often go for a CISSP professional as they have a thorough knowledge, education, and training regarding the subject.  Companies hiring CISSP professionals guarantees that the data will be secure.


  1. Higher salary:

Being one of the most difficult and world-renowned certifications, professionals cracking it and getting certified are low. Every company thus wants a CISSP certified professional as they are very skilled and knowledgeable and are ready to pay high salaries to such individuals.


  1. Most valued employee:

CISSP certified employee has a high level of knowledge and practice in various aspects of information security which makes them the most valued employee of their company.


These are just a few of the many benefits you get by attaining the CISSP certification. Though the course is hard, it’s always true that hard work pays!

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