Cysa+ certification – Should you get it?

By Akhil Issac

Last updated on Sep 25 2020

Cysa+ certification – Should you get it?

Is CySA+ a Good Certification?


With cybercrime at its peak, the need for cybersecurity is increasing. Cybercrime can be seen in various forms, like cyber-attacks and cyber-terrorism. It is a matter of great concern for different entities and the government.


While selecting a certification, there are many things that a person looks for, and the major thing is if the certification is good or not. Let it be any certification. It consumes both time and effort. We all know that time is precious. The certification needs to be worthy of time and effort so that a person does not feel unjust.


This CySA+ certification is a new certification course, and people have their own confusion regarding the above mentioned. This certification is good enough for the people who are already in the Cybersecurity field and want to expand their knowledge and experience. This provides them with extra certification to add in the resume and add more steps to the ladder of success. The interesting fact about this certification is that the department of defence has also approved this certification. The department of defence (DoD) has set a directive that provides support to the DoD workforce for their training, management, and certification. If DoD recognizes the certification, it means that the CySA+ certification carries a genuine amount of value. It provides various prestigious job opportunities, and the certification is trustworthy.


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Requirements for the Cysa+ certification 


Like all other certification courses, this certification also requires a stipulated amount of work experience. Other high standard examinations ask for years of work experience and a good educational background. They also ask the recommendation of a sponsor who has already passed the test. But CySA+ does not ask for such high-level prerequisites. It requires the students to have a minimum of three to four years of work experience in domains like information security.


It also allows the students to take the test if they have already cleared the CompTIA Security+ and Network+ certifications. The certification ensures that the students have hands-on experience in the information security field and utilize their knowledge in enhancing their potential skills. The certification is a part of the baseline certification of DoD. The certification contains majorly fine domains, out of which four are CSSP related jobs.


Cysa+ Certification Cost


Money is an important factor for everyone, and people make a budget before spending. It is good to keep a budget and spend wisely. When it comes to spending on certifications, people also have their own price limit. The certification is reasonably priced, which is $319, while the other higher-level certification courses are almost around $600. With the reasonable price, the certification provides great benefits to the individual. It acts as the one-time investment which can give return years together. The individuals can opt for the certification without having to disturb their budget and get immense knowledge in return. The price is very minimal in comparison to the ocean of knowledge it provides.


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Preparation for the Cysa+ certification exam


With the right amount of hard work and efforts, anything can be achieved. It is not difficult to successfully pass the examination. The amount of time required for the exam depends on the amount of time an individual can invest in preparing for the same. It also depends on the prior knowledge that the particular individual has about information security. If the individual is quite acquainted with this field, then it becomes east fir him/her to get through the exam. The associated partners of the certification prove different training classes for the individuals to learn efficiently. The training class can be expensive in comparison to the exam, but the course is available in concentrated form, reducing the duration of the course.


The course instructors make the classroom learning effective through a concentrated teaching manner. Many books and guides are available for the students to prepare and get extra experience about the question pattern. This results in the enhancement of the learning process. There is a saying that practice makes a man perfect and so the candidates have to practice a number of questions and sample papers in order to secure a good mark in the examination. Normally it is observed that a few hours of study for a couple of months are enough to get through the exam, but in the end, this depends on the individual's capacity to learn and grasp the subject concern.


Brand name


The major certifications have their own positive image in the eyes of the public. While choosing a certification course, an individual makes sure to find if the certification has good value in the eyes of the people. This is an important fact while considering which certification to opt for because a person gets into these certifications to build his resume. If no one knows about the certification, it will not be of any value to the interviewer and will not give an upper hand to the individual. The individual will also not be able to prove his/her talent. The CompTIA CySA+ certification is new to the field of information security but has garnered a lot of attention and respect ever since.


This certificate can help an individual grow their career in many related fields and is also one of the baseline certifications of DoD, which increases it's value even more. The certificate validates the knowledge of the individual. It is very popular in the cybersecurity area and has a lot of respect in this field.


Comparison with other exams


There are many certification exams, and all exams have their own complexities. CompTIA offers many certifications, and the highest level of certification is CASP+. The CySA+ exam is usually combined with PenTest+ examination in order to fill up the gap between the Security+ exam. The Security+ exam is a more standardized exam. The CySA+ and the PenTest+ exam cannot be compared with each other because they are totally different. While the first one focuses on the skills and defense methods, the latter focuses on attack methods.

Many people compare CySA+ certification with the CEH certification, but they are good in their own way. The CEH certification has more reputation in the eyes of the employer than the CySA+ certification. The later is more affordable and provides hands-on experience to the individuals. The CySA+ certification contains a variety of questions relating to practical experiences, while CEH certification contains only multiple-choice question types. These two certifications have their own difficulties in dealing with where CEH certification is more preferable to the employers while the other one is mostly of technical concern.


CySA+ examination details 


This certification exam consists of major domains like threat management, security architecture, and its vulnerability. One should have a bit of prior knowledge to learn better and grasp the facts more effectively. The difficulty level depends on the perception of candidates appearing in the exam. The exam consists of multiple-choice questions and situation-based questions for the candidates to get a better understanding of real-life situations. This indulges a sense of responsibility among the candidates, and they get a practical idea of the happenings in the cyber world. The books and guides are key to study for any kind of examination. These books make the candidates practice numerous times what they learn. One also needs to familiarize with the cyber tools in order to successfully qualify the technical examinations.


The CySA+ certification paves the way for a good package job. When we are looking at the worthiness of the certification, it is better to see the long-term benefits that it will provide. The average salary of the certificate holder can be around $90000 per year, but the number is not fixed. It depends on the experience that a person has and the level of knowledge that he possesses. The certification does not tend to increase salary on a direct basis but develops more career options for the individuals to grab and increase their experience. The candidates can retake the examination quite a number of times.


After the first attempt of the examination, the candidates have to wait for at least 14 days to retake the exam, and this time gap is considered a waiting period. The certification is valid until three years, counting from the date of completion of the exam. There are even options available for recertification.


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There is immense competition in the world, and to get one's place in that competition, efforts are very necessary. There are various certifications that an individual can avail of. Among those, CompTIA CySA+ certification stands out. With all the justifications presented, it is clear that this certification is completely worth your time and money. Its worthiness can be witnessed from the benefits it provides and the pathway it opens for the career growth of an individual. It is probably one of the good certifications which will help the individuals to validate their skills and create a good impression on the interviewer due to its reputation. So, one can be ensured about taking the CySA+ certification to develop his/her career prospects.


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