Updated Google Certification Training Course list 2021

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Updated Google Certification Training Course list 2021

Google Certifications – List of Google Certifications in 2021

If you're not living under the rock, you know how Google has monopolized the digital scenario. From search engine to Android, Google is everywhere. Run your eyes around your smartphone, and all you will see are Google products. It is notably one of the few companies that managed to run the world without damaging property or lives. Google has become an integral part of our lives in every possible way. It has reshaped the internet, technology, and our lives.

Let's take the example of the Google search engine. The company started as an innovative and useful search engine to help people gather data from every field. What started as a search engine now has eight products, with each product having a user base of more than one billion! The figure is indeed laudable, and you cannot ignore Google's phenomenal growth over the years. We use Google for everything.

Starting from school projects to office presentations, you can find Google in every sphere of our lives. People use it to search for all kinds of information, ranging from human knowledge to entertainment. Google is nearly 22 years old, and in these 22 years, it has managed to change the world.

A brief history of Google

Google is the dream of every corporate giant. It has had one of the most influential runs for any company in the history of humankind. Started by Larry Page, Google was initially known as BackRub. It was meant for Stanford's private network and was one of the most powerful search engines of its time. Google got its name from the mathematical term Googol that denotes the number 1, followed by a hundred zeroes. Interestingly, Yahoo had tried to acquire Google for a paltry sum of $3 billion back in 2000. Google turned down the offer because it knew it had the potential to grow bigger than that. Ironically, Yahoo was sold to Verizon in the year 2017 for something under $5 billion. On the other hand, Google's current market cap is nearly $840 billion.

The breakthrough product, Gmail, came into existence in 2004. It was created by one of Google's employees, Paul Buchheit. Paul started working on Gmail as early as 2001, and ever since, there has been no looking back. With 1GB of free storage at that time, Gmail dwarfed other email providers that could manage only a few megabytes of free storage. The company has become a giant conglomerate of popular services like YouTube and Google maps. Everything you see or do involves at least one Google product.

In 2015, Google underwent massive changes in its structure. With Sundar Pichai as the CEO, Google decided to reorganize itself and created a new company Alphabet. There are distinct companies under Alphabet with their own CEOs. New companies like Waymo have been created under Alphabet and are focusing on their growth within the giant company.

The latest developments in Google are in the form of AI, self-driving cars, Google Assistant, and Google Home. All these have already become a hit with the public, and people are readily accepting them into their lives. Google has even unveiled its smartphone, the Pixel, that has garnered a significant share in the smartphone market. Google's OS for smartphones and tablets, Android is now the basic software in every smartphone. With all these facts, it is appropriate to say that Google has monopolized the market and made its way into every house.

A Career with Google

With the rapid increase of Google's popularity, many people started striving hard for a career in Google. Although a job at Google still remains a dream for many, it is now possible to get trained with the Google certifications. These certifications were Google's initiative for educating more people with the latest technology and preparing them for a wide range of jobs. The most crucial advantage of these certifications is that it will equip you with the most relevant and up-to-date skills.

All Google certifications rely on the functions of Google. As Google is the top competitor in every digital sphere, you will immensely benefit from these certifications as they are the standard benchmarks for getting skilled in different technical areas. You will have a great knowledge of every digital platform, and your knowledge would increase. It will give you practical knowledge of all the key Google software and enable you to start a career in any large organization.

There are many certifications in software, but the Google certifications are different as they have a wider reach and are more relevant in today's scenario. With Google certifications, you will be able to utilize the immense potential of digital platforms and online services. All aspirants are taught to analyze and classify organic search options and build innovative technologies that will rapidly adapt to digital platforms.

Google Certifications

Google Certification is Google's credentialing procedure for the individuals who are in search of knowledge and who want to improve their existing set of skills with new and improved abilities. Google grants certification to undergraduates or individuals who have just completed their bachelor's degree or the ones who have finished one of its equivalent globally recognized courses, while the Google offered courses and certification includes the Google Adwords certification and Google Analytics certification tests.

Google offers the most educative and free courses for basic and more advanced levels of digital marketing and SEO items, including Google Ads and Google Analytics. Google certification is accessible for individuals who have finished these courses and have passed the necessarily required degrees for a specific specialized topic. Google certifications have been around for over ten years. These certifications have been the manner by which Google instructs its clients about their items and products, and afterward steps through an exam to test their aptitude.

As of not long ago, certification was done through the Google Partners program. This program launched in the year of 2013, Google Partners empowered advertisers and SEO authorities to acquire certification and show a Google Partners identification on their sites. This year, the Google Partners program has been supplanted with many improvements and has gained the trust and loyalty of its user base.

Now that we have an idea about Google certifications, let go through the various models in which they provide their certifications:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google Ads
  • Google Marketing Platform
  • YouTube
  • Cloud

These are the various models or platforms where Goggle tends to set its certifications in use for the professionals to gain experience. With this knowledge, let us dive deep into the knowledge of the various certifications offered by Google.

Types of Google Certifications

There are different types of Google certifications, and they provide various courses. The courses are based on advertising, business, shopping, and video tools. You will become efficient in these tools and implement them in your daily lives. The biggest benefit of becoming Google certified is that it will enhance your resume and increase your options of getting employed. The prominent course among these is Google AdWords.

All the certifications will help you unlock the full potential of digital landscapes and get the best benefits out of your skills. Here are some of the best Google certifications that you can go for.

  1. Google Cloud Platform Certifications


This certification is for the individuals who work around or with the Google Cloud Platform; the current certifications appear to be an exceptionally good thing for vocation and self-improvement. With the launch of this certification, it has gained higher appeal among the professionals, while maintaining minimal cost for the certification and a simple single test for the exams. This certification offers a higher reward to risk ratio, which is extremely beneficial for the professionals. This is the reason why professionals with the knowledge I the cloud operating system bring in this certification into their skill while also improving their resume.


  1. Google AdWords

The digital market is growing at a rapid pace, and Google AdWords is the best way to utilize the full potential of digital platforms. With AdWords, you can get the best out of your online resources. It will help you with data and analytics, along with giving you complete access to some of the most powerful tools of digital marketing. The course is meant for those individuals who are willing to take up digital marketing as a career option. Becoming an AdWords certified professional is easy as you can pass the exam in just two days. You need to register yourself for a Google partner account first. After that, you have to appear for the fundamental exam and pass it with a minimum score of 80%. There are a total of 100 questions, and you will get 120 minutes to answer all the questions.


There are different modules or domains in the AdWords exam that can be taken separately. Some of the domains, like search and display advertising, are good for your career. To pass in all the exams, you need to study religiously and practice the main concepts of AdWords in real life. The fundamental exam is the first step, and after passing that level, you will be able to progress to the other levels. There are many study guides available that will assist you with the entire process. Online materials are also extremely helpful as they give you an insight into the AdWords world. Understanding the value of online advertising is one of the key concepts of this certification. After obtaining the Google AdWords certification, you can either become a freelancer or help other companies to improve their services.


  1. G Suite Credential


The G Suite credential focuses on the end-customers of Google's effectiveness suite. This credential helps the professional to take everything into account; it's presumably going to have quite recently obliged interest for IT specialists, a huge segment of which gain capability with a gainfulness suite such as MS Office, most consistently. Before they proceed onward from secondary, they used this software as their daily driver, and based on this software; Google presented the G Suite.

The test centers around beginner level ability to talk about, work with, and regulate tasks using the G Suite productivity and facilitated exertion in mechanical assemblies, including Goggle Drive, Gmail which is a cloud-based email, Hangouts Meet which is an online get-together application, Goggle Docs which is a cloud-based report creation and changing documentation. While also including Sheets, which is a cloud-based spreadsheet, Goggle slides, which is a cloud-based presentation programming. The certification page contains associations with different getting ready decisions, including  Google tools, self-guided G Suite works out, applied propelled capacities, and the G Suite Learning Center.

  1. Professional Cloud Security Engineer

Another great addition to the diversified Google certification portfolio is the Professional Cloud Security Engineer (CSE). A specialist level qualification, CSEs are knowledgeable in industry security necessities, guidelines, best practices, and security-related themes and innovations, for example, character and access the board, information assurance utilizing GCP, designing security at the system level, breaking down logs, overseeing occurrences, and suggesting association wide security strategies. CSEs additionally have the right stuff important to configuration, execute, and oversee secure foundations on GCP.

  1. Professional Cloud Developer

The Professional Cloud Developer (PCD) is perfect for the beginner-level professional who use Google administrations, instruments and prescribed practices for configuration, while managing construction, testing, and convey profoundly accessible and versatile applications. The beginner level professional ought to have the right stuff important to effectively incorporate GCP administrations and lead application execution checking. While not secured on the test, up-and-comers should have the option to effectively utilize Stackdriver to troubleshoot, follow code, and product measurements. Capability in any event one general programming language is additionally suggested.


  1. Google Developers Certification

Google Developers Certification lets you show your capability and expertise in the field of network and application development. After you breeze through a certification test, you can utilize your certification to elevate yourself to the networks, tasks, and managers that are imperative to you. Rich preparing content offered as an online educational plan, a teacher drove preparing, or self-study materials sponsor all the certification tests. At the point when you cross through a certification test, you will be included in the official certification registry. You can remember your advanced imprint for your email signature and implant it on the designation on various platforms, for example, LinkedIn and Twitter.


  1. Associate Android Developer

 The Associate Android Developer Exam shows the kind of aptitude that a passage level or beginner level skills and knowledge for an Android Developer that need to have to start their profession. By breezing through this presentation-based test and winning the Associate Android Developer Certification, you demonstrate that you are able and gifted with abilities and skills that an engineer commonly performs. The test is currently additionally offered to be taken in Kotlin, just as Java. This helps in availing various skills to your profession while helping in building your resume.


  1. TensorFlow Developer Certificate

The TensorFlow Developer Certificate test tests an engineer's basic information on incorporating AI into apparatuses and applications. The certificate program requires a comprehension of building TensorFlow models utilizing Computer Vision, Convolution Neural Networks, Natural Language Processing, and true picture information and strategies. TensorFlow Developers who have finished the certificate test have shown aptitudes expected to perform AI and profound learning assignments. This helps in providing the required knowledge that is necessary for beginning one's journey in Artificial intelligence and machine learning. While they also provide the knowledge of IoT and basics of AI in this certification.


  1. Google Cloud Platform: Professional Cloud Architect

 The Professional Cloud Architect (PCA) empowers associations to make compelling and effective utilization of Google Cloud advancements. PCA's must build up a careful comprehension of cloud design when all is said is done by the PCA's and the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) specifically. The individuals who hold this qualification can configure, create, and oversee the dynamic Google Cloud Platform (GCP) answers to meet business destinations that are powerful, secure, versatile, and profoundly accessible. This certification helps in showing your capability at planning, fabricating, and overseeing arrangements on the Google Cloud Platform. A Professional Cloud Architect empowers associations to use Google Cloud advances and tools in their association.


  1. Google Cloud Certified - Professional Data Engineer

The Professional Data Engineer (PDE) concentrates more on dissecting and utilizing information put away in the Google Cloud Platform, instead of in structuring, conveying or keeping up such situations likewise with the ACE and the PCA. In that capacity, a PDE underpins and encourages information-driven dynamic dependent on gathering, changing, and picturing information. Such an expert's configuration fabricates and investigates information handling frameworks.

The PDE educational plan and test puts a specific accentuation on guaranteeing that such information handling frameworks are secure, solid, and issue open-minded, just as versatile, precise, and effective. This certification helps in showing your capability at structuring and building information handling frameworks, and your expertise at making AI models on the Google Cloud Platform. A Professional Data Engineer empowers information-driven dynamics by gathering, changing, and imagining information.


  1. Google Cloud Certified - Associate Cloud Engineer

 The Associate Cloud Engineer (ACE) sends applications, screens, activities, and oversees endeavor arrangements. The person in question can utilize Google Cloud Console and the order line to finish normal stage based assignments. An ACE likewise keeps up at least one-sent arrangements that utilization either Google or self-guided administrations in the Google Cloud condition and neural network.

Google suggests three instructional classes for this certification which are:

  • Google Cloud Platform Fundamentals
  • Core Infrastructure management and Architecting structures with neutral computing networks and Google Cloud Platform
  • Infrastructure and are accessible in ILT and online arrangements

This certification helps in exhibiting your capacity to convey applications, screen activities, and keep up cloud ventures on Google Cloud Platform. An Associate Cloud Engineer can utilize the Google Cloud Platform Console and the order line interface to perform regular stage based errands to keep up at least one conveyed arrangement.


Why should you become Google certified?

There are immense benefits of becoming a Google certified professional. Although the main benefits are quite obvious, there are other benefits that you have not taken into consideration. Here are the reasons why you should become Google certified.

  • You will get endorsed by Google

After getting a Google certification, you will be able to get access to a huge network of fellow certificate holders. There is a platform for all the Google certification holders, known as Google partners. It helps you find others in your network or group. As a result, you will always have someone to consult or guide you when you are stuck with something.


  • There is always something new to learn

With Google certifications, you will learn many things. All the courses are constantly updated, and you will get adequate insights into the tech world. With these constant updates, it becomes easier for you to stay on top and improvise your skillset. For some people, the Google certification courses are completely new. To get a grasp of all the things, you should understand the material. It is the first step towards a journey for a better career. You will be able to learn new things and apply your skills in all your work processes.


  • You will become a valuable asset to your company

With Google certifications, you will be able to guide your company towards success. By employing innovative technology, you can help your company make better profits in every area. By using software like AdWords, you can get amazing results for all your projects. You will be able to create successful campaigns and get the desired result for your company.


  • Learn more about your customers

If you have to analyze any content, you need to use Google software for it. By becoming Google certified, you can easily understand your customer requirements and use that data for all your projects. Understanding the needs and requirements of your target audience will always give you better results. It will become easier for you to create products and services that will get better profits. For a product to be successful, it has to meet with all the important criteria. You can make better decisions that are based on information gathered from a thorough analysis of content.


  • It will help you build a powerful resume

Recruiters always look for individuals equipped with the latest skills and certifications. If you become a Google certified professional, the chances of your getting hired will increase manifold. Everyone is talking about Google these days. So by getting a Google certification, you will educate yourself with the mainstream courses. All the companies and even the general population trust the certified professionals more than the non-certified ones. It will boost your business or get you employed easily at the place of your choice. If you are looking for a job in digital marketing, a Google certification would be highly beneficial for you. Many companies list Google certifications as the prerequisite for hiring their employees. A certification would instantly boost your credentials and help you make a good impact with the recruiters.


  • It will show that you are willing to adapt to changes

Getting a Google certification will add feathers to your resume and help you build a good portfolio. Apart from that, you will also be able to convince the recruiters that you know the digital platforms and are well equipped to handle all the pressure of creating an efficient digital product or service. Even if the one you are working for doesn't know anything about the digital landscape, he or she will be convinced that you are the right person for the job. You will get assured benefits from the certifications, and it will be the most valuable point in your resume.


  • You can get AdWords certified without any cost

Becoming a Google certified professional will help you get AdWords for free. You will not be charged for anything. You can get access to plenty of study guides and reading materials that will boost your knowledge and make you understand the key areas of digital platforms.


Given Google's huge market acknowledgment and market share, it might come as something of an amazement to discover that it is not the market head in cloud services and machine learning. Truth be told, Google did not make Forbes Magazine's 2017 rundown of The Top 5 Cloud Computing Vendors. All things considered, the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is an individual from the main five such stages, alongside Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services (AWS), which routinely trade among first and runner up. Oracle and IBM place in the best five, too, regularly in front of the Google Cloud Platform, contingent upon the measurements used to rank them.

Given this, Google has incredible motivations to make and get behind a strong and all around respected certification program for the Google Cloud Platform. Its endeavors in the course of the last a few years are beginning to deliver a few profits, as an up and coming graph of occupation board query items will outline. Therefore with these certifications, Google is trying to gather a definite market share by training professionals with its user base and knowledge to overcome its competitors in the market like Microsoft Azure or Amazon Web Services.

Here are the best Amazon Web Services (AWS) certifications you must consider getting to enhance your career,

AWS Solution Architect Certification

AWS Developer Associate Certification

AWS SysOps Associate Certification


If you are aspiring to make a career or enhance your current career in the field of cloud computing, you can take up our AWS Training and get certified. To know more about AWS courses, you can reach us at Click Here or directly chat with our course expert online.


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