ISACA Certifications List 2021

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ISACA Certifications List 2021

List of Top ISACA Certifications in 2021


Any person interested in growing their career in security management, systems auditing, risk management, and IT governance can choose any of the ISACA certifications. These certifications are provided by ISACA. It is a non-profit organization mainly aimed at IT governance. These certifications are the best choice for IT governance professionals. 

ISACA certifications are very famous amongst persons wanting to get more skills and knowledge in their field of work. In addition, you can get better job opportunities and a higher salary.


Overview of Best ISACA Certifications


Four types of ISACA certifications are present. These are best for information systems auditors, IT governance and risk management managers, and professionals. For instance: CISM, CRISC, CISA, CGEIT are some of them and introduced in 2015, CSX® Practitioner is the fifth certification. This certification does not follow the general framework. It is best suitable for the security practitioners who answer to, plan for, and deal with security incidents.

If you want to get the first four above-mentioned ISACA certifications, you have to clear the written exams first. 

CPDs should also be collected to maintain these ISACA certifications. You should try to collect 120 CPDs to keep your certification active every three years. Or you can collect 20 CPDs each year. The cost of the maintenance is around $45 for members and $85 for non-members.


IT Governance

IT governance is needed in companies to make sure that the systems and the resources are used properly to meet the needs of the business. Also, the people working in IT governance must know how to arrange the IT goal according to that of the company. Also, it covers strategic management, resource optimization, and risk management, that are needed for CGEIT preparation.


Certified Information Systems Auditor - CISA Certification

This is one of the most famous ISACA certifications. It is also the best choice for people wanting to grow their career after becoming an IT auditor. It proves the skills of a person to audit, control, and a guarantee of the IT systems. The need for persons with this certification is high these days. Also, you get the chance to know more about how to locate weaknesses present within a system. In conclusion, several of the ISACA certifications help in proving your abilities, hard work, and desire used in getting them.

This exam has some requirements that you need to complete. Firstly, 4000 hours must be completed in permanent job roles in the IT field. One year of this experience can be changed with one year of experience in security, control, and audit. Also, one more year of work in IS.



All the ISACA certifications normally have a written exam that you have to clear. So, you should know more about the exam. You should get 700 points out of 1000 total points. It has many important topics that you should complete for this exam. You get the chance to learn new and advanced topics due to the process of certification renewal. 



  • It proves your skills and talent in the cybersecurity field.
  • You can get a better salary and higher job opportunities.
  • You will get respect and recognition within your company.
  • It increases the value of your resume.
  • With this certification, you can get an average salary of $49,000 to $97,000.


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Certified Information Security Manager (CISM®)


This is another important one of the ISACA certifications, which is in high demand in many companies. Also, the need for people with these skills is growing faster. This certification proves your skills to design, create, monitor, and measure the IS of the company. You can get to know about business better and manage particular technologies in your company. In conclusion, it proves your knowledge and ability. You will also get better job options and higher income.

You have to complete the requirements of the certification before taking up the exam. Firstly, professional ethics is very important. Secondly, you must work for five years in any full-time job in the field of information security. Thirdly, you must collect the needed experience within five months of clearing the exam. Also, within ten years of submitting the form. Finally, you should work and get experience as an IS manager for more than three years.



This exam happens two times in a year. It has around 200 questions. You should solve these multiple-choice questions in four hours. Your understanding of the four practice areas is tested through this exam. The ISACA certifications are known to be tough to clear, so; you can choose to take up any course to practice for the exam. Practicing questions is very important for any preparation. You should start by creating a timetable with more than one-hour present for studying. This way, you can complete all the topics or subjects for the exam.



  • You will get respect from your peers in your company.
  • It proves your dedication to your work.
  • It proves your skills as an information security professional.


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Certified in Risk and Information Systems Control® (CRISC®)


It is one of the ISACA certifications that can help you to expand your career in the risk management field. It proves your skills in managing risks in a better manner. If you wish to learn how to manage risks, you can take up this certification to get a deeper understanding. If you get this certification, you will be in charge of helping your company to understand the risks that can occur in the business. You should also know about the tools and methods used in it. You must use these tools at the correct time, depending on the situation. So, this certification is best for IT professionals, business analysts, risk managers, project managers, and so on.

You have to complete the requirements of the certification. Firstly, you have to work for three years and get experience in two domains of CRISC. Every ISACA certifications have a code of professional ethics that you must follow.


Your knowledge of the four domains is tested through this exam. You have to solve the question in four hours. Also, you can take up courses to improve your understanding. It also increases your chances of passing the exam. You also get the important resources for the exam through these classes. 


  • It proves your risk management skills.
  • It boosts up the value of your resume.
  • You get the chance to stay a step ahead.


Certified in the Governance of Enterprise IT® (CGEIT®)


CGEIT is one of the lesser-known ISACA certifications that offers many benefits. This certification is the best choice for anyone interested in IT governance and assurance. Many persons with this certification have a higher-level position in the company. In addition, you must know how to perform best practices of IT governance and operations, handle IT investments, and so on to constantly improve the policies and processes.

The requirements for the CGEIT are more detailed than the other ISACA certifications. You must work and get one year of experience in any job related to IT governance framework. The rest of the years must be linked with strategic management, risk management, benefits realization, or resource optimization. You can choose any two.



You will get a total of 150 questions in this exam. You have to solve these questions within a limited time. So, you must prepare for this exam before booking it. You need a proper timetable to start your preparation. You must keep more than one hour of study time almost every day.



  • You will get recognition for your skills and knowledge globally.
  • It gives you an advantage over the other applicants.
  • You get to grow your career further and get a better salary.
  • You will get the skills to use the resources and tools in a better manner.


CSX-P and Cybersecurity Nexus

It is a famous certification that proves your skills in working with patching, firewalls, antivirus response, and so on. You must also perform the security controls, scan for the weakness in a system, and so on. It is the best option for any person wishing to expand their career in Cybersecurity. Also, it helps you to prove your skills in locating the weakness in a system and defend it against any attacks. It is a newer addition to the ISACA certifications.

If you get the ISACA certification, you have to follow the code of ethics of their company. To keep your certification active, you have to collect the needed amount of CPEs and maintain it every three years. You must get 30 CPEs points every year to maintain it. You also have to take the exam again and clear it in the third year.



This exam tests your ability to perform the cybersecurity skills in the five different security functions. It is mainly based on your performance. It lasts for about four hours long.



  • It proves your skills and knowledge in the cybersecurity field.
  • It increases the amount of respect that you get within your company.
  • You will get better career options.
  • You will also get a higher salary than the people without certification.


Final Words

So, you have the option to choose any of these ISACA certifications according to your choice of career. You will get better job options to pick from and a higher salary with any of these certifications. If you need more information on the certifications given in this article or other cyber security certification, in online, live online or classroom mode, chat with our course expert


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