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Benefits of Six Sigma for Human Resources Management Professionals

Benefits of Six Sigma for Human Resources Management Professionals

May, 25th 17

Human resources are the person who works for the organizations and are responsible for coordinating, creating, implementing and/or managing policies dominant employees’ behaviour and the behaviour of organization towards its employee. The role of human resource professional is more likely aligned with workforce and management function that is viewed by the organization as paperwork.


It is not surprising that the first initial HR needs in an organization for recruiting employees, paying employees, job posting, employee reviews and dealing with benefits.

Six Sigma is a business strategy that increases process performance that resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction and improved the quality. Six Sigma in human resources departments can play a vital role in any organization. Working within human resources department can be the challenge, especially if there is a flawed system. HR professional with the Six Sigma methodology that identifies problem areas, eliminate errors, provide solutions to problems. Some big IT major corporations have integrated six sigma so well into the system that it can be considered as the DNA of the organization to achieve the growth and profitability. However, in some organization the human resources department has been still untouched by six sigma.According to the recent conference of human resources professionals in California, it is clear that HR people are now looking to perks from six sigma. Six Sigma program can help the HR experts to improve hiring times by speeding the process.

HR professionals with the right skills can contribute to six sigma initiative at both tactical and strategic levels. One thing is clear that HR isn’t a huge part of any business but it has huge effect on every business.

Project Managers and the team leaders who are working together on a project can glean a help from HR professionals to work more effectively. HR contributions in this area include:

1.Assuring the right position to the team members and leaders, get training/coaching in teamwork, dealing with difficult team members and other team effectiveness skills.

2.Technical tools will be provided to team members and allow them to examine their own performance and recognize where and when they need help.


Some of the skills set and abilities that get developed in HR function along with the implementation of six sigma include:

1.Builds team building ability.

2.Creates a learning culture.

3.Develops Coaching and mentoring skills.

4.Create job description and specification.

5.Improves presentation and training skills.

6.Motivation through awards and recognition.

7.Developing a retention strategy.

8.Improves project management skills.


Some examples of the six sigma projects that companies HR department have completed include:

1.Reduction in time and cost to hire employees.

2.Reduction in employee retention or turnover.

3.Reduction in cost of employee separation.

4.Response to internal inquiries for benefits, payrolls and promotion.


HR has an efficient role to play success in six sigma credentials. The HR role must support leadership and administration activities, provide feedback, engage with the employee to meet their personal and corporate objectives. HR department must set to perform better, faster, more cost effectively to meet customer expectation.


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