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Can we imbibe six sigma principles in our daily life activities

Can we imbibe six sigma principles in our daily life activities

Jun, 14th 18

Lack of planning, financial indiscipline, poor decision making and inadequate productivity are some of the major areas of problem in the lives of many. Ever wished there was a full proof stepwise plan to overcome this lacking? Now there is.

Six Sigma is a concept with widespread applicability in various businesses to improve a process and reduce or minimize waste/loss. This magical concept can also be applied in our personal lives to improve the efficiency and productivity in almost any area.


Here are some of the examples of six sigma applications in our daily lives,


Since six sigma consists of DMAIC framework, let’s try applying this approach to our day to day life incidents


Example 1: Overcoming a health issue



Starting off by defining the issue, similar to defining the project charter, you need to state the problem clearly; to yourself or to the doctor.


Measure: The doctor then looks into the issue with an agenda of measuring the extent and intensity of the ailment; similar to Data collection in six sigma approach. This may be done by conducting checkups or tests suggested by the doctor.


Analysis: Next is the analysis stage, here, the doctor analyses the results derived from the tests conducted. This is similar to the data analysis in Six Sigma.


Improve: Like the solution and implementation stage, the doctor prescribes medication to you and suggests you take them in a certain order.


Control: In the control phase, similar to the planning of a control chart for the factors affecting the growth, the doctor suggests you a list of do’s and don’ts during the medication period to harbor better results for your body.

Example 2: Studying a difficult subject for an exam


Let’s take the similar approach


Define: Stating the difficulty of the subject, reasons behind it and aiming to comprehend it.


Measure: Measuring the difficulty based on the topics and categorizing them for the ease of understanding.


Analysis: Once the order of topics is decided, analyze how to proceed with the study plan to get the best outcome.


Improve: Now that the study plan is made, it’s time to work on it. Breaking it down into chunks and working on the difficult topics while taking regular breaks throughout the process will improve your efficiency to remember the subject.


Control: Keeping firm control over distractions around you and freeing yourself from potential traps that might deviate you from the study plan is important. Turn off the Wi-Fi, keep the phone, TV or computer away.

See? Consciously or unconsciously, we are continually using the six sigma approach in almost all aspects of our life.


The six sigma approach can be applied in many areas of our personal lives to reap benefits like,


  •  Eliminate distractions and learn time management.


  • Analyze your relationships with people to lead a stress-free life.


  • Sticking to the budget and improving your financial decisions you make.


  • Finding the right balance between work and life.


  • Increased productivity in personal lives.


Six Sigma can be used to better our personal lives in several ways if only we choose to look at the issues we face from a different perspective. Correlating the concepts of professional problems with the personal ones and adopting the six sigma approach to solve them makes things easier to deal with. One such trick, apart from the DMAIC approach, is the cause and effect tool.


Suppose you wish to buy a new phone, you can use the cause and effect matrix approach to decide which phone to buy by comparing its present value, features, and resale value. You can pick your own varying factors and apply this method to finalize which phone you wish to buy.


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