10 Reasons Why You Should Get PRINCE2 Certification in 2021

By Syed Irfan

Last updated on Apr 22 2020

10 Reasons Why You Should Get PRINCE2 Certification in 2021



PRINCE2 or Project IN Controlled Environments version 2 is a certification that is taken up by any person to pursue a career in project management. It is endorsed and upheld by the government of the United Kingdom. It is recognized all over the world and it is a great way to start your career or become an expert in the field of project management.


Reasons to do a PRINCE2 course are listed below:


· Better skills in Project Management


By doing the PRINCE2 certification course, you get to learn all the concepts, approaches, structures, frameworks used, and embraced by several project managers. You also learn how to properly plan, analyze, supervise, and execute the projects.


·         Understanding the Project Concepts


In PRINCE2, you are thought about all the concepts, the project management principles and processes rather than by by-hearting the definitions and processes mentioned in the book in other project management courses.


It’s a technical reference guide that teaches you to understand the project, plan it out to manage, and delegate the tasks efficiently rather than micromanaging each task.


·         Easy Start - Foundation, Practitioner, and Foundation + Practitioner Levels


When an employee decides to take up a course, he has to worry about allocating time out of his work-week for training, assignments, studying, and also the expenses for taking up the course but if you plan on taking up PRINCE2 course, you can start with a PRINCE2 foundation certification.


PRINCE2 Foundation certification is for the ones who want to know and understand what a PRINCE2 practitioner is all about. It talks about the processes, life cycle, components involved in a PRINCE2 practitioner certificate.

PRINCE2 Practitioner Certification is for the ones who manage and execute projects on a regular basis.

So when you take up the PRINCE2 foundation certification, you get an overview of the course and can decide whether or not you want to continue to the next level.


Suggested Resource - PRINCE2® Foundation and Practitioner Certification



·         Easy Application


Once you are done with the training for PRINCE2 certification the next step is to appear for the exam to secure the certification once you pass. Unlike other courses, you do not have to go through a tedious process of registering yourself for the examination. You can take the exam with your training provider or a pubic exam.


·         Higher Salary


If you are a PRINCE2 certified professional, you can negotiate and demand a higher salary than the others.

An average salary of a PRINCE2 certified project manager is over 50,000 GBP than their uncertified counterparts.


·         Global Recognition


PRINCE2 certification is developed by the UK IT sector under the UK government’s supervision. This certification is recognized in every part of the world, Asia, the USA, Africa, and so on and its popularity is growing.


·         Applicable in All Sectors


If you have a PRINCE2 certification, you can apply to be a project manager in any sector or business. You can use the knowledge thought in the PRINCE2 course to manage any size of the project, be it small or big.


·         Certification and Training Programs are Available Online


When you are applying for jobs, you do not need to provide copies of your PRINCE2 certification. It is available online on the APMG International website. All you have to do is provide your candidate number and the link to the Successful Candidate Register at APMG.

It displays the date when you had completed the certification successfully.


·         PRINCE2 Certification Benefits for Other Certifications


If you have a PRINCE2 certification, it makes it simpler for you to get into other project management courses as you get certain exemptions.


·         Preferred Choice by Employers


Having a PRINCE2 certification gives you an advantage over the candidates applying for a job and also getting to the post of a project manager can be achieved faster.


PRINCE2 certification has a lot of benefits, and it holds a candle against the other project management certifications. It’s flexible, and the knowledge gained by this can be altered and used for various projects. Seeing this list of benefits should be enough to motivate you to take up this course!


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