Supply Chain Response And The Factors Involved In It

About supply chain response

Supply chain response refers to the ability of the supply chain to react to the market’s demand and trends. It is about how quickly the supply chain adapts to an ongoing trend or occurred change. In order to keep up with the changing trends in the market, one needs to have a strong and quick supply chain response. It deals with the ability of an organization or its product to regain balance after experiencing a shift in the market.

Quiz question

1) Supply-chain response relates to the following:

2) a) How quickly a customer order can be filled

3) b) How quickly a company can react to a new competing product

4) c) How inexpensive the product is

5) d) A and B (Answer)

For instance, if a product is doing good and proven to be a hit in the market, the company is sure to make profits out of it. However, over time and considering the ever-evolving market, the same product may find its value diminishing. Constant upgradations and updates are required to keep up with the customer’s needs. Hence, once a newer/better product is launched, the market and demand of the older product are bound to fluctuate. In this situation, the supply chain response plays a major role. Its ability to regain balance and adapt to the competitor’s product lies in the hands of the supply chain team.


1) Forecast Cycle Time

2) Market cycle time

3) Re-plan cycle time

4) Intra manufacturing

Quicker the responses, better is the product’s place in the market. Catering to customer’s needs is always a top priority of every organization trying to sell its products. In such a competitive environment, where every company attempts to attract customers by focusing on their requirements, having a strong supply chain management is compulsory. The gap between the demand for a product and that of supply should be as minimal as possible. With quick response, the organization will not only have a good hold on its customers but also gain the scope of them turning into loyal consumers. Alongside this, the quality and performance of the product are also enhanced to a great extent.

All in all, supply chain response affects the overall growth of a product. The supply chain response is improvised by working on reducing the time/gap between the design process and the final product ready for release. By working on this, newer and better products can be launched that’ll keep consumers on their toes. Constantly updating the products based on consumer’s needs is the prime focus and requires a thorough knowledge of the targeted market. Usage of tools and technologies like POS (point of sale tracking), statistics and EDI (electronic data interchange) can help meet the goals. All kinds of industries, from small scale to large, are benefitted with the methodology of quick supply chain response and the same is expected to continue. The performance benefits and effects of supply chain response are unmatched and truly valuable for the sustainability and growth of a product. Furthermore, it defines the worth and future of an organization.



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