Project Management Tips - Best of 2022

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Project Management Tips - Best of 2022

Useful Tips for Effective Project Management


A project manager’s job is not easy. It takes a massive level of involvement at every level to ensure that all projects under your guidance are taken to closure. Every one of the project management tips can enhance how you perceive and react to a given situation. These project planning tips are bound to help anyone engaged in the process of managing projects.

Your educational background, experience, and other key factors can help you tackle any issues on project management. Another vital factor that you need to keep in mind while joining as a project manager is your organizational background. Make sure you conduct a thorough study about your organization, its policies, clients, and global presence. It will allow you to decide your approach while managing the projects at hand proactively. Below are some essential project management tips for beginners to help you in your project management journey.

Your experience and education are beneficial. But another key step here shall be to engage in a conversation with your seniors in this industry. Connect with other project managers and peers in your industry through PMO chapters and forums. Gain as much understanding about their project management approach, enabling you to make the right decision. These project management tips will help you gain that understanding.

You might have come across the term project charter during your PMP exam. You will be given a project charter in hand in its true sense. It is the right time to invest your entire time and energy into studying it. Understand the project in its true essence. Take time to evaluate details about stakeholders involved in executing this project. Understand the level of visibility of projects being handed over to your lap.

Invest time to learn about your organization's goals and policies. It is essential to have basics about your organization's vision, mission, regulations, and other responsibilities. A critical project management advice shall be to understand the benefit of the current project to the organization. It will also help you evaluate the larger picture and identify stakeholders interested in your project. In specific projects, this may be the CEO, while in other cases, the scope may be limited within the function.

Invest in upgrading your leadership skills. Be smart in your communication. It is an important project planning tip. Ensure that you involve your team at every level of project execution. It will help you gain the confidence of your team. Another advantage includes building your team's confidence in accomplishing tasks. They are enabled to undertake project activities under minimal supervision.

Communication skills hold key value while executing a project. Improve and brush your oral and writing skills. Make sure you are clear and concise while communicating the needs. It goes with your leadership and subordinates as well.  Communication should be seen as indispensable while making any list of project management tips.

Yet another tip for successful project management is to have clear documentation of your project progress. Ensure all relevant documents related to your project are handy in an online tool. Educate your team to update all pertinent inputs in real-time. It will allow better control of your project and ascertain challenges or delays.

Now that we have understood the basics, let us know some other project management tips and tricks to control your project better.


Powerful Tips for Successful Project Management


Always understand the start and end goal of your project

It is the key to any project activity. A good project manager must clearly understand the project's scope. Every project needs to have a start and end line. Once you have understood this piece, it becomes easier for project execution. Without first understanding the desired outcome of the project, it is not prudent to start employing project management tips.


Communicate your needs, wants, and deliverables

It is another critical step. While you work on your project execution, it is essential to ensure that your project team is entirely aware of the project needs. A project manager is constantly under the pressure of meeting targets and deadlines. Clear communication with your team on project expectations shall allow functioning effectively. This is one of the most important tips for successful project management.


Give attention to risk management.

Managing your project risks is one of the best project management tips. Understanding your project scope and risks associated with your projects will enable you to build an effective project plan. You also need to have an effective risk strategy defined to capture how identified risks shall be mitigated in due course of time. 


Don't try to perfect every step.

Avoid being a perfectionist. It is another tip for new project managers. As an employee, you need to know that deviations will accomplish your project per agreed timelines. You may also face situations where you missed identifying a key stakeholder. A project manager needs to be ready for any surprise. It will allow you to provide appropriate updates to your leadership and organization.


Effective time management

To complete your project, you need to make an effective time management plan. One of the critical tips for effective project management includes planning your project timelines effectively. It will allow avoiding last-minute surprises in project execution. Another key important factor here is the importance of communicating project progress.


Multitasking is a strict No.

If you are looking for tips for managing multiple projects, you need to avoid multitasking at every stage of your project. Indeed, our brains are not formatted to handle various tasks simultaneously. It will create confusion on the entire project lifecycle. Instead, you can look for options to assign each task to your key team member. It will reduce the overall project load and also help in ensuring that no project deliverables deviate. This is often forgotten in program manager tips.


Let us now move to the next step in project management. Below are essential project management organization tips to consider while working on a project. 


List of Project Management Organization Tips 


Invest in a new project management software

According to a recent survey, it is considered that only 16% of companies globally are using practical project management tools. One software project management tip is investing in the right tool to provide effective updates on your project. There are many tools accessible in the market. These tools are enabled with analytics capability, save data in real-time, and create project tasks. Updating your project tasks and progress on excel based spreadsheets is no longer going to help. Research on new market products and make the suitable investment.


Call out project priorities.

Develop a to-do list for you and your team. Prioritizing your tasks is a crucial project management tip and tool for your project. This step will also help you accomplish your key project activities at ease. Another critical factor is the time and energy spent on project activities. Once your project tasks are ready, shift your focus on activities that require utmost attention. Project activities that may become show-stoppers need your complete attention, while others may be executed in due course of time. Setting a hierarchy within tasks is vital addition to the list of Project management tips.


Improve overall project delivery

The efforts you are investing in today will work to reap benefits in your project. Let us understand critical outcomes and benefits from being organized at work.


Better productivity

Stay organized. Prioritize your daily activities to focus on important works. It will allow you to stay focused and manage your productivity as well.


Reduce your stress levels

Your cluttered workspace and lack of a to-do list will increase your stress. Take time out to clean your workstation. Write down your daily activities and put better rigour in tracking the same.

Now that you have also understood organization skills and capabilities let us look at project management tips 2021 to help your success.

Any classic project management revolves around three principles, namely scope, time, and cost.


How to determine and define the scope of the project

Project scope helps determine the overall project need, essential outcomes, and associated cost. The articulated project scope will enable the identification of key stakeholders and delivery timelines. Other project management tips become more effective only after being clear about the scope of the project.


Get a team onboarded.

Make sure that you have adequate plans about how you want to manage your resources. It is always better to have cross-functional team members onboarded to your project. It will also allow room for innovation and creativity. It will also enable a team with a reduced workload and create an effective work-life balance. Project management tips can be utilized only after bringing a team on board.


Build a proper WBS

Break down each milestone into sub-tasks. Assign project owners for these sub-tasks. It will allow project members to focus on essential tasks at hand and take them to closure. The work breakdown structure also enables you to prioritize each task separately.


Professional certification will help you.

While project management seems to be an easy task, it is also essential to gain professional certification to keep your career steering. Let us understand the best way to study for the PMP exam.


Undertake a clear survey

Before going ahead with enrolment, it is essential to conduct your research. Take time to go through the syllabus in the PMBOK guide. Compare these guideline documents with your research materials to gain a complete understanding of what you want to do.


Motivate yourself always

Passing the PMP exam is not a handy task. It takes a sheer amount of dedication to complete the exam within the approved timelines. Hence, even before you start your exam journey, it is essential to understand the importance of motivating yourself on the go. Make sure to find ideas to inspire while you continue to work on your preparations.


Disconnect from social media and other engagement

It is a crucial program manager tip. Disengage from anything that might distract your study time. It could be your office calls or family time. Make sure that you follow the time you have set for yourself. Now, if you have planned to study for 2 hours straight, then make sure to take breaks in between. Break your study time every 40 minutes and take a walk around. Do not touch your phone or other devices that could distract you.


Tips to Become a Certified Project Manager


The below-listed guidelines can help you to become a certified project manager with PMP.


Understand your PMBOK guide from start to end

The PMP exam depends on the PMBOK guide. All questions, user scenarios, and other critical test practices will be based on guidelines as specified in this book. Hence, as your first preparation step, you need to understand this book thoroughly. Make sure you know all the concepts under each topic. Dedicate time to go through each case study and provide your inputs from the project management aspect. Memorizing the complete content is not going to help you. Take a break from reading this book after each chapter. Reread the chapter once again to understand the topic better. Try to solve each question in the chapter. Go out and take additional study materials. It will help you know the concept better and gain a complete understanding of each chapter. The guide will offer you a whole bunch of project management tips as well as inform you about the standard practices.


Invest in an excellent book to help in your preparation activity

It is an additional investment to the PMBOK guide; many preparation books are available in the market. These books carry guidelines on how to prepare for the test. You will also find previous year's question papers that you can solve for yourself. In addition, to work on the basics of preparing for PMP, you will also need to work on other vital elements. It includes inputs, tools, techniques, and outputs. Make sure that you have these ITTOs developed for each process.


Participate in exam workshops

If you plan to attend the exam through a registered education provider, then this step is easy. Most institutions conduct workshops on how to prepare and manage the exam. If you plan to attend the exam on your own, you can go about treating the workshop by reaching out to your city-level chapter. It is also another great way to connect with fellow aspirants. Such engagement will benefit in the long run.


Try online tests

Online test or mock test is available for aspirants online. Make sure to take advantage of these tests. It will also allow you to understand the question model and expected outcomes better.


How to ascertain your readiness?

So, how will you evaluate if you are ready to take the PMP exam? 

To obtain a good percentage, it is essential to target a passing score of 85%. While the pass percentage is only 60%, specific questions do not carry any marks. It makes it difficult to skip any topics or questions while taking your exam. Participating in many mock tests will quickly get you this pass percentage.


Use the 35 hours of training time to your advantage.

The first prerequisite for attending the PMP exam is 35 hours of project management training. Your application needs to have this training hour effectively captured during submission. Do not consider this training program a task to complete your application alone. Take this step seriously and try to learn as much as possible by leveraging this module. This 35 hours of learning program can help you build your foundation for your exam. Now you must be wondering how to gain this training hour. As an aspirant, you might be well aware of the PMI website. Filter using the state and city option to understand the registered service provider for the PMP exam. These service providers can help you gain this training hour's module completed as required the by PMI organization.


Get a PMI membership.

Yes, it may be pricey. But it is a long-term investment given that you want to build your career in project management. Getting a membership with PMI will also provide discounts on your exam application, otherwise not available. You also get the advantage of meeting and connecting with fellow project managers in your city. Group discussions and webinars will allow creativity and innovation in effectively managing projects.


Learn to stay calm 

Despite all your preparation, you may still feel underprepared during the exam day. DO not carry any anxiety to your exam hall. You need to put on a solid face and attend the exam. It is all about giving your best while attending the exam. Staying calm is an underrated addition to the list of Project management tips.

The best way to attend an exam and gain your pass mark is to consider your real test as a project by itself. Focus on what's essential, divide your time effectively, undertake mock tests, etc. Break down the complete syllabus into minor tasks and allocate time for each job.

Project management and project managers are here to stay. Project management is taking definite shape. It is estimated that there shall be more than 100K project managers globally. Another attraction to the project management industry is the pay scale. On average, every project manager gains an average of 50K to 130K per year. 

Making a suitable investment in project management skills will help you in the long run. Making sure that you upskill and upgrade yourself is the key to a successful project management career. 


Conclusion –

With the pressure of meeting deadlines and handling resources and the works, project management can be quite a daunting task. These project management tips and tools are intended to help make that task easier. These guidelines act as tips for new project managers. New managers would benefit largely by employing these software project management tips.

In order to boost your credentials and credibility as a project manager, it is pertinent to get a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification governed by PMI. Taking the help of an official training partner, like Sprintzeal, is the best way to study for PMP exam. With its expert faculty and resources, Sprintzeal can help you on the path to becoming a great project manager.


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