CAPM Cheat Sheet 2021

By Syed Irfan

Last updated on Apr 30 2020

CAPM Cheat Sheet 2021

CAPM - Certified Associate in Project Management Cheat Sheet


The birth of CAPM certification

In the year 1969, the Project Management Institute was established to serve the knowledge to management professionals at global standards. Later in 2003, PMI gave a breakthrough by launching a Certified Associate in Project Management course aka CAPM project management for entry-level aspirants. CAPM training mainly enables one to familiarize with the concepts of knowledge, terminologies, and processes that are required to demonstrate in the management profession. 

For one to obtain a credential from PMI, the candidates must ensure that they meet the necessary prerequisites of education and experience based on the program that they choose.

Along with this, one has to earn Professional Development Units (PDUs), and that is where institutes like Sprintzeal come into the picture, who offer PDUs to candidates undergoing their CAPM training program.

By providing CAPM online training, CAPM handbooks, guiding the candidates through research and writings, encouraging the aspirants for writing and publishing papers, etc. The validity of the CAPM credential will be for three to five years after which, the candidate has to renew it. PMI CAPM training course is one among many popular and high paying project management certifications such as,


In this blog, we mainly focus on offering a CAPM training and certification cheat sheet

These days the PMI CAPM cheat sheet has become a very common element among the aspirants who opt for the course. Every year, one technology obsoletes and another evolves, and this results in new certification exams. So, to maintain a standard format across the globe, PMI is giving large importance on the CAPM cheat sheet. 

To put it in simpler words, a cheat sheet is nothing but a quick guide book, an overview of the chapters that are covered under the CAPM education course & CAPM reviews.


What is the importance of a CAPM cheat sheet?

The CAPM exam market is highly competitive and vast. There are multiple chapters, modules, materials, etc. that one has to go through before taking up the exam. But, how could one cover all the topics in a short period? That is where these cheat sheets come into the picture. 

Also, PMI uses these cheat sheets as a mode to update the aspirants about the latest trends of technology and management related topics. This is to ensure that they are on the right direction before taking up the exam.


CAPM Certification Requirements

One of the best advantages to applying for this course is that it mainly focuses on one’s experience rather than the educational background. Whoever, following are the few sets;

  • A degree is a must (could be even a secondary degree)
  • Professional working experience of 1500 hours or education on project management for at least 23 hours 


How to Prepare for the CAPM exam?


The very first thing is an individual’s preparedness to study, once you are determined to get the CAPM certification, there will be many options and opportunities opening for you. 

There are many project management techniques, CAPM guides, CAPM cheat sheets, etc. available for one to master the CAPM concepts.

But, the best way for you to get through these things is by enrolling yourself with an institute that offers the CAMP training and guidance, providing the latest edition courseware’s, online lessons, individual attention, materials, guides, etc.  It is, of course, a paid training but it is completely worth your investment, as the institute is going to boost your confidence up for exams with a well-structured CAPM syllabus and training module.    

Another most important factor of registering yourself with the institute is that with many years of training experience and well-trained faculty, they provide practice exams that enable you to assess yourself for the best preparation practices for the main exam.

Well, we have come to the end of the blog. For more detailed information on career opportunities, CAPM objectives, CAPM costs, skills required, etc. and also for further assistance, kindly visit CAPM Certification Training or chat with our course expert to get instant help.




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