PMP Certification Cost Details

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PMP Certification Cost Details

How much does PMP cost?

Project management is gaining popularity among people looking for a stable job. It is because it provides stability and plenty of employment options. For those looking to be a part of top corporate organizations, project management course is the best option.

For individuals looking for a project management job, there are many options. You can start by getting a certification in project management. There are many options out there, but the most beneficial is PMP. Project Management Professional certification is one of the best ways to get a corporate job.

Why should you go for a project management certification?

The current business scenario is fast changing. Market conditions are volatile and job security is hard to get. In such a condition, it is advisable to get into project management. Project management will help you get a high-paying job in any company you want.

Although the traditional route to project management is an MBA, things are changing now. MBA is time-consuming and costly. If you don’t want to spend all your savings and apply for a study loan, you should consider PMP. PMP is faster, reliable, and cost effective.

The short duration of PMP makes it the best option for project management professionals. Further, many companies prefer PMP professionals over MBA graduates. Above all, you can save a lot of money and time by enrolling for this certification.

What is PMP?

PMP (project management professional) certification is a globally accepted course for imparting quality training to individuals. It equips you with the basics of project management and prepares you for future jobs. In addition, PMP credential is essential if you want to become a project manager.

The Project Management Institute handles these certifications. If you want to enhance your career in project management, it will help you a lot. There are several domains that teach about business management. You will learn all of them and take an exam. If you pass it, you will become a PMP professional.

The study course of PMP involves the Project Management Body of Knowledge or PMBOK. It is a study guide for PMP exam. Anyone wishing to appear for the exam needs to be thorough with the book. So, you can treat the PMBOK as the official study guide for PMP exam.

Reasons why PMP is worth it

Before knowing more about PMP certifications, you need to understand why it is important. PMP holders are creating waves in the world of management. For instance, most of the companies in the USA list PMP as the basic requirement.

That means, you will not be able to appear for most management jobs in the USA without a PMP certification. There are several benefits of thiscertification.

  • It will make your resume more valuable.

Professional certifications always add value to resumes. If you are a potential job applicant, a certification can immensely help you. It holds true for both inexperienced and experienced applicants. When you don’t have prior experience, a Project Management Professional certification will show your employer that you have the skills for the job.

  • PMP will make you stand out from the rest.

Job competitions are tough these days. Thousands of people apply for a single post. As competition is so stiff, you need to possess exceptional skills and qualities. It will help you impress your employer and will seal your position in the company. One look at your certification will be enough to convince anyone that you will be an asset to them.

  • If you want to change careers, PMP credential will help you.

People often change careers for better jobs. If you want to shift your current job position, a PMP credential will immensely help you. It will allow you to explore your options. You can apply to top corporate without worrying about your qualifications. Also, this certification will help you if you are already having a job.

  • It will help you get promotions

One of the main advantages of PMP is that it will get you more promotions. You will get advantage over your colleagues because of your better skills. As a result, you will be getting frequent promotions. Overall, it will help you climb higher and move forward in your career. In addition, you will find it easier to cope up with work.

  • It will give you acceptance across every industry

PMP will give you recognition across all industries. No matter where you go, you will always find a better job. It provides you with a network of global associations. Hence, you will acquire a valuable professional background. Relocating to another city will never be a problem as you will find employment in any organization.

  • You will increase the success rate of business projects

Studies show that people having PMP prove to be helpful for business projects. With your skills, you can focus on improving the plans and budget. The PMP principles teach you how to make the project cost-effective so that you can increase the number of profits. Moreover, you will also be able to complete the project on time.

  • It will build your skills

It is necessary to improve your skillset to stand apart from the crowd. In essence, you have to improve your skills so that the recruiters will prefer you to other candidates. Having a PMP certificatie will greatly increase your chances of employment. In addition, it will build your impression and help you get the job you want.

  • You will learn the best of project management

The PMP principles will teach you the basics of project management. They will also help you advance in your career. In addition it will also expose you to the best practices and trends in project management. You will learn a lot from the PMBOK. A certification will testify the fact that you possess the relevant skills for managing a project.

About PMP certification

The Project Management Professional certification will test your skills regarding various aspects of project management. In essence, you need to learn thoroughly about project management principles. Starting from project initiation to project execution, PMP will cover everything.

Project monitoring and project controlling form an important part of the PMP test. You will learn the basics as well as the important concepts of project management. PMP is the basic examination for anyone wishing to become a project manager.

Prerequisites of PMP 

  • You need to have a high school diploma degree or an associate’s degree.
  • PMP requires you to have 7,500 hours of experience in managing projects.
  • If you don’t have 7,500 hours of experience, you need to substitute that for 35 hours of management course.
  • A regular degree in management.
  • If you have a 4-years degree, you need to have 4,500 hours of experience.

Important concepts of project management are covered in PMP training that helps project management professionals get PMP certification from PMI – Project Management Institute, the governing body.


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PMP exam

The PMP exam is relatively easy. However, you need to prepare well for it. You need to answer 200 Multiple Choice Questions. Although all the questions are important, 25 of them don’t add to the marks. You can answer those 25 questions for weightage.

There are many sample questions that will help you understand the exam pattern. You can get them at the official site of the PMI or can download them online. Going through study guides will also help you go through the exam. PMBOK is the most important study material for PMP exam.

Exam pattern

From the 200 questions, 75% questions need to be correct. You need to get the minimum pass percentage to get the certification. It is not an open book test, so you need to prepare well for it. There will be no use of calculators during the test. Therefore, you need to practice well for the exam.

PMP exam fees and cost

The cost of PMP examination varies from $300 to $5000. It is because of different facilities in different countries. On an average, you have to pay $405 for the PMP. It is a CBT so the costs are high in some countries.

The cost of examination also varies with membership. For PMI members, the cost of exam is $405. However, for non-PMI members, the cost is $555. The difference is significant. Therefore, it would be valuable to join the Project Management Institute.

Apart from that, there are re-examination fees also. For PMI members, the re-examination fees are $275. But, for the non-PMI members the re-examination fees are $375.

In conclusion, PMP certificate is extremely beneficial for you. You have to join the PMI to get more benefits from the certification. It will also help you save some money on the certification.

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