How to get PMP certification - Guide 2021

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How to get PMP certification - Guide 2021

How do I get a PMP Certification in 2021?


Managing projects is not an easy task. There are so many things that can go wrong. Moreover, companies realize the risks that come with a project. Therefore, they try to recruit project managers who can handle the project from its initiation to delivery. Therefore, an efficient project manager can change the course of a project.

To sum up, no matter if you are working on a little project or not, with modest business goals or a tremendous, multi-departmental movement with clearing corporate implications, a cognizance of the project management life cycle is essential. Project management works on a great mechanism. It believes that a project has different stages. Therefore, a clear plan of activities or tasks protects the project from beginning to end.

Projects are of every kind, with constraints like the project's cost, time, and resources. Moreover, learning the Five Stages of the project management life cycle will keep your project on track from inception to delivery. 


Project Management Stages: 

There are five stages of project management. These stages are project initiation, project organization, project execution, project monitoring and control, and project delivery (after completion). The stages are given by the Project Management Institute. 


Initiation Stage: 

This is the most crucial stage in any project. A project starts at this stage. Therefore, it can begin with an idea or a concept. Usually, companies form a board or committee to oversee the different stages of a project. Therefore, the project manager consults his team and asks for ideas. Many ideas don’t find approval because of defects in them. Finally, the project manager selects the most beneficial ideas and moves to the next stage.


Organizing Stage: 

Individual structures for cost, scope, length, quality, correspondence, hazard, and resources play a very important role in developing a proper project plan. Moreover, in this stage, the project manager, along with his team of members, decides a course of action. Therefore, the aim is to follow the course of action without any deviation. We need to understand that risks are present in every project. Therefore, we need to identify them.


Execution Stage: 

A major portion of the project gets project appraisals during this stage through endeavors as status reports and project meets. Also, different status reports, human resource needs, and execution reports are beneficial during this stage. The execution stage has enormous importance. Moreover, it will determine whether your project has a greater chance of success or failure.


Monitoring and Control Stage: 

However, coinciding as the execution stage, everything considered directs assessing the project execution and progression in consent to the project plan. Key execution markers for cost and time are found to prevent problems in the project. Measures and plans are being made to keep them in mind. Therefore, this helps to keep the project on track.


Completion Stage: 

A project reaches completion in this stage. Therefore, it consolidates the advancement of huge tasks like payments, looking at the marketing side of the product, etc. Similarly, companies close a project when they give the completed project to the client, negotiate with stakeholders, and pass on different projects' central focuses.

This sincere movement in the project lifecycle licenses the company to survey and record the project and proceed ahead with it, utilizing past project mistakes and wins to aggregate more grounded cycles and more critical follow-ups. Therefore, this stage watches out for the finished project. Moreover, assistants get their credit, and project masters start a new project.


About Project Management Certification:

Project Management Professional certification or the PMP certification is given by the Project Management Institute. The PMI association or project management association offers this accreditation course. It is, moreover, the open standard for project managers. Project Management Certification is the best quality degree in project management.

Moreover, it gives you the capacities, standards, and accomplices that are valuable in the project management division. In the end, it is a necessary certification for all project management jobs in various companies. 


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How to transform into a Project Management Professional?


To become a project management professional, you need to appear for the PMP exam. The certification will help you get project management jobs in various industries. 

If you don't have a college certificate to satisfy the prerequisite, don't worry. Therefore, you can still get your certification. Your experience ought to be around 7500 hours of planning and management.

There are both evaluation section Project Management Certification instructional courses and Project Management Certification online verification program. You can pick as demonstrated by your domains and can apply for the courses. 


What is the enormity of Project Management Certification? 

To become a successful project manager, you need to obtain the PMP certification. It will enhance your skills as a project manager and enable you to work on complex projects. Therefore, your value as a project manager will increase once you have the Project Management Professional certification under your belt.


PMP remuneration prospect: 

Let us learn about the Project Management Certification from the association perspective, and top ideal conditions a company gets from Project Management Certification. As a rule, project Management Certification professionals will get 20 percent more in pay than some other professionals in the market. 


Benefits of a Project Management Professional Certification: 

The Project Management Certification ensured project managers get more sureness from the customers as they can manage the projects in better affinities. You improve the chances of stowing the project when you have Project Management Certification in control. You get the confirmation that the project supervisors comprehend and can comprehend radiant practices in the projects.

Consequently, the Project Management Certification holders in your connection have better chances of making your project persuasive. You get to talk to and know many people after you become a certified project manager.


Project Management Certification Examination: 

PMI (Project Management Institute) introduced the PMP certification in the year 1984. It is the best project management certification since then. The PMP course relies on the PMBOK. It drives the project heads according to the standard guidelines of project management.

This declaration is commonly made use in various countries like Australia, the USA, and the Middle East. The test has its own cost, and in the UK, it can cost £306 for the PMP members and £419 for the non-members. Many things need to be done to have this certification. The expenses of getting a certification depend on whether you are a member of the PMI or not.

You will be considered for the certification if you take the 35 hours of project management course. By then, your subsequent stage is making your Project Management Professional assessment plan. You can check your knowledge as well as you can analyze yourself and check your advancement in the course. Revising the project management principles can be the ideal method to obtain the certification.


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Application measure for Project Management Professional Examination: 

You can apply for the Project Management Professional certification anytime you want. You can sign in to and complete the application process. After applying for the certification, you need to go for a short course that will teach you the basic principles of project management. You can also choose to read from study materials and online courses. There are many online courses that offer short-term learning programs for this certification.


Important concepts of project management are covered in PMP training that helps project management professionals get Project Management Professional certification from PMI – Project Management Institute, the governing body.


Get PMP Training - Online, Live Online and Classroom Training 



In this article, you, in all likelihood, got a few thoughts concerning project management attestation. You get the recognized frameworks from experts and new chances to develop your calling. Project Management Professional Certification will help you get new opportunities in the world of project management.


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