What is pass percentage for the CAPM exam?

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What is pass percentage for the CAPM exam?

What score do you need to clear the CAPM exam?


There are many project management certifications provided by PMI. For instance, the most popular is the PMP certification. In addition, it also gives you a CAPM certificate. It can offer some benefits, including higher job opportunities and a better salary. Above all, you will be able to improve your skills as well. Therefore, you can consider taking up CAPM to grow your career in this field. 

CAPM is suitable for applicants starting their job in project management. Therefore, it allows you to improve your basic skills. In addition, you will learn every basic concept required in project management. CAPM is highly recognized all over the world. Therefore, CAPM certificate demand is growing at a rapid pace every day. Furthermore, you can verify your skills in managing and leading projects. In other words, you can achieve a successful career with it. 


CAPM Certification

You can start your career with a CAPM certificate to receive better opportunities. If you want to expand your career in this field, you can start with CAPM. In other words, you will gain all the basic skills and knowledge needed with it. 


Advantages of CAPM Certification

You can achieve CAPM certification to gain the benefits provided by it, for instance:

  • Suppose you do not have any knowledge related to project management. You can take up this certificate since it offers basic knowledge and skills. Therefore, it is perfect to start your career. 
  • You can verify your skills and knowledge with this certification. Therefore, it becomes an advantage and helps you to grow your career in this field.
  • You can prepare for the CAPM exam with the help of the PMBOK. This guide includes all the important and new concepts that you must know. In conclusion, you can achieve a better understanding of the topics, tools, and methods. 
  • You can prove your dedication to this certification. You have to face a lot of challenges in this field. It proves your ability to overcome it. Above all, this will help you to achieve a stable and better job. 
  • You receive this certificate through PMI, which is highly recognized. Therefore, you gain an advantage over the other applicants. In addition, the employer will choose you over the other applicants without a certificate.
  • You will get stable job opportunities with this certificate. In addition, you will receive a higher salary. 

Requirements of CAPM Exam

You must meet the requirements of the exam to apply for the certificate. In addition, you will also need education in project management. The two requirements of the exam are given below:

  • You must achieve a secondary diploma.
  • You need to have a total of 23 hours of project management education. 

CAPM training for 23 hours is compulsory for all applicants. Also, you will be able to get the basic skills and knowledge required. In conclusion, you will be able to increase your chances of passing the exam successfully.

CAPM Exam Details

This certification exam is perfect for people who want to pursue a career in the field of project management. However, it is developed for people who are starting their careers. It is not aimed at people with practical work experience. Therefore, this exam is mainly based on knowledge. 

Project Management Body of Knowledge or PMBoK is the main source of the questions that appear in the CAPM exam. It contains all the basics of project management. It includes in-depth knowledge of the project, project management, project lifecycle, and so on. You have to learn these important topics given below:

  • Project management methods
  • Time management
  • Scope management
  • Cost management
  • Quality management
  • Project lifecycles
  • Risk management
  • Stakeholder management
  • Procurement management
  • Human resource management


Free resource – CAPM Certification Exam Preparation Guide


Exam Contents

You have to answer 150 questions in the CAPM exam within three hours. It contains a combination of multiple choice-based questions and 15 pretest questions. These 15 questions do not affect your final score. You can take breaks in between the exam. However, you must check the time. Since you have to answer all the questions within three hours. You must manage your time efficiently during the exam. 

You will have to attend a tutorial and survey before giving the CAPM exam. However, it is optional. You will need fifteen minutes to complete both of them. 

CAPM Exam Passing Marks

CAPM certificate exam does not have any fixed passing marks. However, it is believed that 61% will guarantee your success. Although it is not confirmed, which is why you should aim for 70%. 

It is said that having 61% of marks can help you clear your CAPM exam. However, it is not confirmed. This exam does not have any fixed passing marks. The most important part is that you must concentrate on practice test percentages to improve. To clear this exam, you need to have a good preparation. If you want to guarantee your success, you must gain above 70% in the mock exam. The higher your marks in the mock exam are, the higher your chances will be to succeed.

CAPM Exam Expense

If you take up a CAPM certificate course. You will have various expenses to pay. For instance, the cost of the training course, the exam registration fee, and so on. However, the benefits of the certificate are higher. If you want to give the CAPM exam, you have to complete the training first. It is compulsory to complete 23 hours of education. 


Benefits of the CAPM Training

It is compulsory to achieve 23 hours of education training. Therefore, you have to search for a training course which is provided by highly recognized institutes. You can also choose to take the 35 hours of education training for the PMP requirement directly. However, it depends on your needs and goals. You can take an online training course or in-person training. Although the in-person classes are more costly and need more time. 

This training will help you to gain a complete understanding of the PMBOK guide. You will learn about project management concepts. For instance, project lifecycle, quality control, tools, principles, and methods. You will also be able to prepare for the exam with this certification training. You will also learn many tricks and will be able to solve many practice questions to understand better. 

Suppose you decide to take up the 35 hours training course on project management to give the exam. It will help you to understand properly. In addition, you will learn extra skills and knowledge. This will also help you in the future if you want to apply for the PMP certification exam. However, it increases the expense of the training. 


Take up CAPM Training from Experts and Get CAPM Certified



Different Types of Training

You can choose to take your training from many institutions available. You must guarantee that the institution is trustable and is highly recognized. The formats are also different for every institute. It includes in-person training, online training, and so on. Therefore, your exam training cost normally depends on your choice of format. The cost of the training course can increase depending on the format. The format that costs the lowest in the online training format. You can choose this for your preparation based on your needs. 

Few of the most popular course provider includes Simplilearn, Udemy, and so on. You can get this training at a lower cost. In conclusion, the training courses will allow you to fully prepare for the exam. 

Exam Registration Cost

To take up the CAPM certificate exam, you must meet the requirements and complete the 23 hours of training. You can take the CAPM exam in the Pearson VUE test centre. However, you need to submit your application form first. You can register the exam online on the Pearson VUE website. 

The cost of the CAPM exam is divided depending on the PMI membership. The registration cost of the CAPM exam for the individuals with PMI membership is $225 and for individuals without PMI membership is $300. In case you fail to pass the certification exam on your first attempt, you can retake the exam. If you are a PMI member, you have to pay an extra $150 to retake the exam. However, if you are not a member of PMI, you have to pay an extra $200 to give the exam again. 

PMI-Membership Advantages

Firstly, you have to pay around $129 to achieve PMI membership. The cost of joining is around $10. You can gain many benefits from this membership. It provides discounts, resources, and materials for the exam. Other advantages of the PMI membership are given below:

  • You will be able to receive many useful resources and materials for your preparation. You will also receive a pdf file of the Project Management Body of Knowledge. The website of PMI contains these resources.
  • It includes many templates that are useful for project managers. 
  • You can attend events and webinars with this membership. 
  • There will be many discounts available for you on the registration cost of the exam. Also, in re-examination cost.  



CAPM Certification Maintenance

CAPM certificate is not permanent. In other words, you have to renew the CAPM certificate every five years to keep it active. To renew the certificate, you have to attend the exam again. You must clear the CAPM exam every five years to keep your certification active. 


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