CAPM vs PMP – which project management certification is better?

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CAPM vs PMP – which project management certification is better?

Project Management Certifications: CAPM vs PMP - Which is Right for you?


Project management is in high demand these days due to the lucrative career choice that it offers. As a consequence, project managers are in high demand in all kinds of industries. When we think about Project management, we think about PMP certification. But not everyone can get PMP certification because of its eligibility criteria. So, if you want to get a project management certification but have little to no experience in the field, then you can consider getting a CAPM certification.


In this article, we will do a comparative analysis of CAPM vs PMP - the two popular project management certifications.


PMP and CAPM are the best certifications for project managers in 2020.


Hence if you are dubious of the fact that you should go for CAPM or PMP course, then this article will aid you to make an informed career choice.


Basic difference between CAMP and PMP


Let’s first understand the basics - CAPM vs PMP Definitions


What is CAPM or what is CAPM Certification?


The Certified Associate in Project Management or CAPM  is an entry-level certification for individuals who are aspiring to be a project manager. As a certified associate project manager, you can augment your chances of getting better-paid jobs.


What is PMP?


PMP or Project Management Professional refers to a globally recognized certification offered by the PMI institute. It is the most sought after certification in the project management industry. By completing the PMP certification, you increase your credibility to the employers and portray to them that you have all the expertise to run a project successfully.

If you are skeptical on whether to take up CAPM or PMP certification first, then we would recommend you to take up the CAPM certification training first.


CAPM vs PMP exam


CAPM is an important stepping stone for your project management career. 


Now let’s understand some important questions like,

  • CAPM vs PMP exam difficulty
  • CAPM vs PMP exam preparation time
  • CAPM vs PMP certification value


How Hard is the CAPM Exam?


It is not a cakewalk, but if you have prepared well, then you may ace it. Hence, in short, it can be said that the CAPM exam difficulty depends on the amount of preparation that you have done. You may need to burn the midnight oil and take help from the previous study materials. The CAPM study material can be found on the internet. You can refer to multiple websites to get hold of the best CAPM study guide. Additionally, you are also recommended to join a professional institute that will assist you with a CAPM handbook and will help you to get a good score in the CAPM certification exam.


CAPM Exam Preparation


To crack the CAPM exam, you may need a robust CAPM study plan. It is recommended that you study for around 45-60 hours in total to pass this examination with flying colors.


CAPM vs PMP Certification Value 


Is CAPM Certification Worth It?


Yes CAPM certification is worth as it will increase your job prospects and will give you more visibility to the recruiters. Also, if you are an entrepreneur having a CAPM certification will be beneficial as it will boost your confidence and will help you to get more potential sales leads. So if you still ask us is CAPM worth it? The answer would be obvious, yes.


The cost of the CAPM exam and the cost of CAPM certification is worth the value spent as it will give you more return on investment. A CAPM certified associate in project management gets a batter pay package than an ordinary individual.


Is PMP certification worth it?


Undeniably the PMP certification is quite costly, but by finishing it, you can have the edge over others and will be recognized more in the job market. Hence doing a PMP certification will give you better job prospects in new companies as well as in your existing company. You can expect faster promotions and better salary hikes in your present organization after completing PMP  


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CAPM vs PMP Cost Comparision 


Cost of CAPM Certification


The cost of the CAPM exam varies depending on whether you are a member of PMI or not. The CAPM PMI certification will cost around 225 USD. On the other hand, if you are not a member of the PMI, then the CAPM cost will be 300 USD. In case you fail, the re-examination cost is 150 USD for CAPM PMI and 200 USD if you are not a member of the PMI.


How much does the PMP exam cost?


The PMP exam cost depends on whether you are a member of PMI institute or not. For non-PMI members, the exam fee is $555, and for PMI members the price is much lesser, it is $405 only.


Benefits of CAPM Certification


CAPM can give you lots of advantages in your career. Let’s look into some of them:

  • CAPM gives you global recognition. The CAPM degree is acknowledged globally. Hence if you have done your CAPM certification, it means that you will have more acceptances globally by the companies
  • CAPM increases your career prospects and gives you a better pay scale- With the CAPM degree, you will always have an advantage over the others who do not possess this degree. Also, post completing the CAPM certification, you can demand a better pay package. Hence you must consider getting a CAPM certification
  • CAPM prepares you for the PMP certification. So in case you are hesitant between PMP and CAPM, then you must do the CAPM first and then the PMP
  • The CAPM certification value will always remain high to both the organizations as well as individuals.


CAPM vs PMP - Understanding Prerequisites 


CAPM Requirements


CAPM has fewer standards as compared to PMP. You will need a high school degree and around 1500 hours of project management experience or 23 hours of Project management education.


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Prerequisites for PMP Certification


For doing a PMP, you will need

  • A secondary degree like a high school diploma, associate degree or global equivalent
  • A project management experience of 60 months and 35 hours of project management education or a CAPM certification


  • You may need a four-year degree, 36 months of project management experience in the last eight years and 35 hours of project management education or CAPM certification


Now let’s understand the critical questions related to PMP and PMP examination:


Is a Project Management Certificate Worth It?


Yes, PMP certification is worth as it increases your earning potential and enhances your job prospects.


Who should do PMP certification?


If you are aspiring to be a project manager, then you must take up the PMP certification. However, there may be some eligibility criteria. Let’s look into the prerequisites for PMP certification.


Firstly you would require a four-year degree which can be a Bachelors's or equivalent from a reputed institute and a project management experience of three years or more. In case you just have a secondary degree, then you would require a project management experience of five years or more. It would be important to check the eligibility criteria before you appear for this.


PMP Certification Levels


The project management certification levels can be categorized as below:

  • Certified Projects Director (Level A)
  • Certified Senior Project Manager (Level B)
  • Certified Project Manager (Level C)
  • Certified Project Management Associate (Level D)  


CAPM vs PMP salary


Both the PMP and CAPM certifications will help you to get excellent remuneration from the company. However, the CAPM vs PMP salary analysis is crucial to make the right decision. 


CAPM Jobs and CAPM salary


You must be wondering how much does a CAPM make. Well, to answer this question, it would be essential to consider that a certified associate in project management salary or a CAPM certification salary would be around USD 92000 per annum on an average. The entry-level CAPM jobs will give you a remuneration of 5500 USD per month on an average. The CAPM designation is more than enough to get you a decent pay package.


PMP Jobs and PMP salary


As a PMP certified individual, your earning capacity increases to 25% as compared to your peers who do not have the PMP certification. The PMP starting salary or the entry-level PMP salary will be approximately ten lakhs INR, and as the senior project manager, you can earn around 25-26 lakhs per year or even more. The salary depends on a lot of other factors as well as geographical location, company performance, individual performance etc.


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Which is better - PMP vs CAPM?


Both PMP and CAPM certification will assist you in your project management career, but PMP is better if you are experienced and want to withdraw a better pay package.


CAPM will assure you a good start and will give you the confidence to run a project successfully. Both PMP and CAPM certification will a good career boost. Also, a certified associate in project management is worth it as it will aid in the PMP preparation. You can start with CAPM and aim for PMP next.


Both PMP and CAPM certifications are accredited by PMI. To get started, you can take up CAPM training or PMP training. Be sure to take up training from an authorized training institute like Sprintzeal. It is a REP (Registered Education Provider) of PMI, the governing body. To get full details about PMP or CAPM training from Sprintzeal, chat with course experts.


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Most Popular and High Paying Project Management Certifications:


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