PMP Vs PRINCE2 - Which Certification is Better?

By Imran Syed

Last updated on May 25 2020

PMP Vs PRINCE2 - Which Certification is Better?

PMP Vs PRINCE2 – Which One is Better for Project Professionals?


Every project management certification has its own value across various industries, all around the globe. Professional certification courses propel the employees as it helps their expert development while adding credibility to their resume,  this consequently gives the motivation to invest in certifications like PMP and PRINCE2. So which one is better? PMP Vs PRINCE2? Let's find out. Project management certifications are a step towards enhancing your professional skills, knowledge, and opening doors for new job opportunities.


PMP vs PRINCE2 - Which certification should you choose?


At one point every professional from the corporate world has to go for some certifications that will enhance their resume value in the market. This can be the personal choice, market demand, or employer demand but certification plays a vital role in your professional experience. Though experienced professionals have a good value in the market but many times the certified candidate goes ahead in the competition and hence, certification is again one more key towards success in the IT world. Now we see multiple certifications that are available in the market and sometimes it gets difficult for corporate professionals, which one is more suitable for them, PMP or PRINCE2.


Here, we are going to compare PMP Vs PRINCE2 or I would rather say discuss the benefits of two popular certifications - PMP and PRINCE2 in the market that are day by day raising the value of many employees in the market. Yes, we are talking about PMP Training Program and PRINCE2 Training Program. You might have questions like, what PRINCE2 and PMP are. Let's start there. 


These two are the most important project management certifications trending in the market. Many of the aspirants are even planning for their PRINCE2  foundation certification.


But many get confused about whether to go for PRINCE2 or PMP. So, in this article, we will try to help you to reach a conclusion about whether you should go for a PMP course or to be a PRINCE2 practitioner course.


So, let’s start with PMP Vs PRINCE2 analysis in the below points.


What is PMP and what is PRINCE2?


PMP Certification:

Project Management Professional (PMP) from PMI is an industry acknowledged certificate for project managers. PMP proves that a particular employee is experienced in education, skill, and proficiency in essential leadership skills to direct any projects. PMP (PMI certification) is again the most required certification directed by the Project Management Institute (PMI) USA Based.


PRINCE2 Certification:

PRINCE2 is the acronym for Project in Controlled Environment. This is a process-based project management method. PRINCE2 Foundation and Practitioner primarily focuses on business validation, outlining the structure of an association for the project management team, and using a project-based approach. Now, both of these certifications are highly in demand in the current market. But still, we are going to see points by which you will be able to differentiate and compare these two certifications.


PRINCE2 and PMP Demand Worldwide


While finalizing for any certification one must do overall research about the worldwide demand of that certification. This is because the current corporate market is not limited to one country and keeping that point in mind, understanding the worldwide recognition and preference of PRINCE2 and PMP is important.



1st Preference


1st Preference







Middle East








Other Regions




From the above chart, you may get the idea of which certification is in more demand in which region around the world. So, if you are trying to make a career in a particular region mentioned above you must follow and do some research on the current market trends.


PRINCE2 Certified Salary vs PMP Certified Salary - Overview


Salary Projections of PMP and PRINCE2 certified professionals is the major thing that many industry professionals look for along with their successful careers is their wealthy bank balance. From many popular surveys about the salaries of project managers, it has been seen that the salary of project managers is climbing day by day across many countries.


A country like America alone has the average annual salary of a certified PMP® is $112,000 per year. It is very obvious that the certified candidate earns more than the non-certified employee and hence whether you are a PRINCE2 professional or PMP professional you will definitely going to get a higher salary as compared to other competitors from the market. Now the salary graph also increases or decreases as per the certification preferences in the relevant regions.


PRINCE2 Vs PMP Exam Cost


The other factor that must be discussed here is the PMP cost and PRINCE2 certification cost or PRINCE2 practitioner exam cost.


Now the PRINCE2 online exam cost may be different as per the exam level. For example, the PRINCE2 foundation exam cost may be different and other PRINCE2 levels of PRINCE2 online exam cost.


When we go for any certification we must research the certification cost as well. One must also consider the preparation cost that may require preparing for the online certification examination.


PMP exam cost for the PMI members comes with a discount as compared to the non-PMI members. The PMI members almost have to spend $405 and for non-PMI members, the cost would be $555.


The cost of the PRINCE2 certification varies as per the region. To give some examples, the PRINCE2 exam cost is $700 AUD for the Australian region, £300 for the UK region, and Rs. 25000 INR for the Indian region.


One must also enquire about the PRINCE2 course cost along with the training cost. Again the most important factor that one must look for is the authority for conducting the PRINCE2 or PMP course and giving out the certifications. For example, if you are planning to do prince2 certifications and about to finalize the institution for the same, then you must enquire about their certification authority.


In technical language, this is called as project management accreditation.


In the case of prince2, you must check if the institution has prince2 accreditation.


After knowing the certification cost one may think that is prince2 worth it?


Of course, it is. You would be included in the list of premium PRINCE2 project management achieved professional which is an important badge in the current market.


So, if you are planning to go for PMP or PRINCE2 training go for it without a second thought.


Many also get confused about the preparation time both the certifications required. Some of the routine questions are how many hours of study are required for prince2 and PMP.


But once you sign up for the accredited project management training, it is not that tough to crack these certification exams.


Can someone do both PMP and PRINCE2 certification?


There are many such professionals with a keen interest in both of the certification PMP and PRINCE2. In such a case, they would like to do both the certifications but then they have a doubt whether they should do it or not or will it affect their management skills adversely.

So below we have discussed all these points in detail.

First of all the answer to the question “Can anyone do both PRINCE2 and PMP?” is “YES”.

If someone is interested in doing both the certifications they can definitely go for it. These are some of the best project management certification. Many layman people who don’t know much about these two certifications think that these are two different practice certifications but these both are related to project management only.

PMP is associated with the knowledge and talents necessary to manage any project successfully in the decided time and budget. Whereas Prince2 primarily focuses on the process and frameworks used to carry out specific projects.

All this of course implemented in the controlled environment as per the name of the certification. Hence, it is advisable that anyone can grab both these certifications. This will improve their professional excellence to manage any project using both the skills learned from the certification course.

But, it also has some drawbacks as; both the courses have different terminologies and communication language which may create confusion while using both the practices in a project.

To give an example, terminology like ‘project charter’ in PMP is known as ‘project brief’ in PRINCE2. So, such terminology differences may create confusion. So, the one with dual certifications must be careful while using such terminologies in the project.


PMP or PRINCE2 - Why do you need Project Management Certification?


Project Managers with an industry-perceived certification have the edge over non-certified PM experts. Getting certified gives industry acknowledgment and picking the correct project management certification will assist you to gain recognition globally over any industry and sector.


What are the Top Project Management Courses?


The most well-known project management certification you may as of now be thinking about is PMP (Project Management Professional) and PRINCE2 (PRojects IN Controlled Environments). To realize which one's going to suit your requirements, let us see each in more detail.


PMP or PRINCE2 – Which is right for your career?


To make this decision, let’s know about these certifications individually.


What is PRINCE2?


PRINCE2 (PRojects IN Controlled Environments) is an organized project management accreditation and expert certification program. PRINCE2 concentrates on dividing projects into reasonable and controllable stages. PRINCE2 Project Management is a process-based methodology for every project irrespective of size and nature. Getting PRINCE2 certified opens doors for greater job opportunities.


There are different PRINCE2 levels:


  • PRINCE2 Foundation certification
  • PRINCE2 Practitioner certification 


PRINCE 2 Foundation - PRINCE2 Foundation is an entry-level certification and focuses on basic principles, themes and procedures of project management.


PRINCE2 Practitioner- PRINCE2 Practitioner certification provides a deeper insight into the PRINCE2 methods and procedures and also familiarizes the aspirants with core principles and key areas.


What is PMP?


PMP is a well-known project management certification course for project managers. It teaches the professional skills, the knowledge required to lead, and direct projects. Project Management Professional certification was developed in 1984 by the Project Management Institute (PMI).


It is recognized worldwide. PMI obtained ISO/ICE 17024 in the year 2007 for PMP which gives it credibility in more than 85 countries.


Who qualifies for the PMP and PRINCE2 exam?


PRINCE2 Qualifications:


To take up prince2 project management course the candidates must fulfill certain requirements:


PRINCE2 foundation- There are no predefined qualifications or requirements that have to be fulfilled by the aspirants to take up the PRINCE2 foundation course.


PRINCE2 practitioner certification- The PRINCE2 prerequisites that every  prince2 practitioner are expected to fulfill is, they must be certified in at least one of the following courses:


  • PRINCE2 Foundation course
  • PMP Course
  • CAPM Certification
  • IPMA Level A
  • IPMA Level B
  • IPMA Level C
  • IPMA Level D


PMP Qualification:


PMP has numerous requirements that a candidate is expected to fulfill to take up the PMP exam.


  • Secondary degree (diploma, associate degree or any global equivalent)
  • The aspirant should have at least 5 years of experience in project management.
  • The aspirant should have 35 hours of education in project management.
  • 7500 hours of experience is needed as a leader or director of any project.




  • The aspirant should hold 4 year degree
  • Project management experience for 4 years.
  • The aspirant should have 35 hours of education in project management.
  • 4500 hours of experience is needed as a leader or director of any project.


PMP and PRINCE2 Exam Details Overview


PRINCE2 Exam Details:


PRINCE2 Foundation Exam:


  • PRINCE2 Foundation exam is an online exam
  • It consists of 60 multiple choice questions, each question carrying one mark.
  • The candidates will have 60 mins time to complete the exam.
  • The candidate should answer a minimum of 33 questions to pass the exam.


PRINCE2 Practitioner Exam:


  • The online exam which consists of 68 multiple choice questions, each question carrying one mark.
  • The candidates will have 150 mins time to complete the exam.
  • The candidate should answer a minimum of 38 questions to pass the exam.


PMP Exam Details:


PMP Project Management Professional:

  1. The PMP certificate is obtained by taking up a written exam. The exam pattern is:
  2. 200 MCQs will be given.
  3. 25 sample questions are asked out of 200 questions, it is not counted for final assessment and only for research purposes.
  4. The time limit to complete the exam is 4 hours.


PMP vs PRINCE2 - Certification Validity 


PMP Validity:


PMP is valid for 3 years. To maintain PMP credential you need to earn 60 professional development units (PDUs) every 3 years.


PRINCE2 Validity:


In PRINCE 2 the certification is valid for 3-5 years and to maintain the prince2 accreditation, you must retake the exam every 5 years.


PMP vs PRINCE2 - Certification Cost


Both PMP and PRINCE2 are the best project management qualifications, which are globally recognized and perceived. These kinds of professional courses are offered in many countries by the different accredited institutions So, PRINCE2 cost and PMP cost vary from one institute to another.


PMP or PRINCE2 - Which one is better?


The answer to this question depends on your experience and interest.

As discussed above, both PMP and PRINCE 2 are the best project management courses, all the required details about both certifications are briefed in this article.

The PRINCE2 course has a qualification approach - 'get qualified and then practice’. Whereas PMP needs a ton of experience and training pre-essentials, so the methodology there is 'practice and then get qualified.' 


PMP Certification - It is all around perceived and accredited project management training and it is also known for its exam sturdiness with a near million (95 million+) affirmed experts. It is generally looked at as project management certification for experienced and aspirants.

PMP is aligned with the PMBOK guide which has developed over a period of time and offers the best practices from different industries. You can become familiar with great project management practices and your perspective will absolutely change by experiencing the PMP assessment process itself. You have to gain 60 PDUs every 3 years to maintain the PMP certification.


PRINCE2 Certification - It is widely recognized all across the globe. However, it is used more in the UK and UK based associations. It offers two degrees of certification, one is the PRINCE2 Foundation and the other is PRINCE2 practitioner.

The PRINCE2 foundation has a passing pace of 97% and the practitioner is 73%. The PRINCE2 credential is progressively helpful if you are working in UK based associations.


PRINCE2 is more of project themes and frameworks than the procedures of execution. If you pass the PRINCE2 foundation it is lifetime valid certification, the PRINCE2 practitioner requires you to take the test every 3 years or produce 60 CPD in order to maintain the PRINCE2 credential.


In this article, we have discussed the major things related to PMP and PRINCE2 certifications like,


  • What PMP and PRINCE2 are
  • Which is certification is in demand across the world
  • Salary projection for both the certifications
  • Online PRINCE2 exam cost and PMP exam cost
  • Dual certification benefits and drawbacks


So, all these major points will help you to choose between PMP and PRINCE2. Despite discussing all these points, one must understand that finalizing the certification is their own interest and one must do detailed research for the same.


The personal interest inclination plays a major role while selecting the certification for project management. Take your best decision and step into the next successful phase of your career in the corporate world.


PMP certification is more focused on knowledge and skills which are important to effectively deal with a task and its conveyance whereas PRINCE2 Project Management certification is focused primarily around the procedures and the structure to effectively execute the project. Subsequently, for experienced project managers, PMP is better suited and for different experts like Project coordinators and Project facilitators, PRINCE 2 appears to be the best decision.


For details about PMP Training and PRINCE2 Training.


We offer Project Management Courses accredited by PMI, the Project Management Institute. We are a Registered Training Provider (REP) of PMI, the governing body for Project Management Certifications - PMP and PRINCE2. 


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