Project Management Apps Best of 2022

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Project Management Apps Best of 2022

Most Popular Project Management Apps in 2022


Are you willing to have effective and best project management for your organization? Are you figuring out the best way to manage your project? Well, you don't need to brood here and there. Here we will discuss the project planning app, and you can help your organization with better project management. Before moving any further, it is mandatory to learn what is project management is now is necessary for the organization. We also give a bell over the most effective project management tools available.


There is no doubt that every organization or business works on several different projects simultaneously. They perform several tasks at a particular time, which is quite challenging to keep things organized. We all know that every business forms personnel teams and assigns them to explore leaders who can take the responsibility to ensure the success of the project and the timely completion.

Mainly it takes a lot of work to be completed on a given time and in a well-organized manner within their designated time frames. To keep things hassle-free and well organized, relying on the best project management tools or Project Management Apps is essential.


There is no hidden fact that several best project management apps or tools are available for project management. However, it becomes quite challenging to consider anyone due to plenty of options.


In the crowd of applications and tools, it is essential to know which is worth using. Most people or we can say almost every organization need the help of project management tools or applications to manage their business project in one common platform. The primary purpose of tools and applications is to make the work efficient, and it also ensures to provide visibility of the progress of every project on an integrated system.


Project Management App Features


Several factors are equally important, like managing a project in budget, ensuring team member collaboration, and even managing the resources involved in the project. These factors play an essential role in the great success of an organization and business. Other significant tasks like assigning a task to the members, reviewing the assigned work status, and keeping track of the times needed to be completed promptly. Then only organizations can head towards the success road most effectively and conveniently. Every work needs to be done smoothly and with sincerity.


As we understand that the main objective of the Project Management Apps is to aim at enhancing the efficiency level and productivity level of the team members. Consequently, it helps to improve the overall quality of the project. Before choosing any specific application for the project management or the software for your organization, here are a few elements that can help access the ideal project management app.


Ideal project management apps need to provide hassle-free performance. It should allow the team leader to hold discussions over the platform and direct messages privately and collectively to the members. Make sure to consider one of the best project management software free of access and facility.


If we talk about the best Project Management Apps, they should store documents in a central database. It should have all essential accessibility for the members. The organization's records could be protected with the help of a password so that privacy is maintained. Ensuring the confidentiality of the documents or projects related to the organization is necessary for better growth.


If you prefer the most effective and comfortable way to manage an entire project, it is essential to give the accessibility of mobile applications. Mobile applications should be given to the organization's team members to efficiently work remotely and access the project management system with the best performance and comfort level.


There is no doubt that visualization okay a significant role in business. It is essential to consider using great and best project management applications. Mainly, the best application provides visualization that helps see the progress level of several projects running simultaneously. Visualization is essential for better growth and transparency. They are required to be included in the application to enable efficient reporting.


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What are the Advantages of Using Project Management Apps?


If you are thinking about the benefits of project management apps or tools, then make sure to stick to this article. Along with the benefits, you will also access the best and topmost used project management apps available. Here are the benefits of using project management applications.



The best thing about a project management application is that it helps establish a hierarchy of the execution steps required to be followed. It enables the team members of an organization or business to complete the tasks sequentially and on time.


When all the essential tasks are assigned to the team member, the project management apps or tools can be effectively used to monitor the progress of the productivity level of every individual work.


Furthermore, the best features of project management applications or tools are documentation. It provides storage, making it easy to keep the project in an organized form. Mainly a project management application has a central documents storage system to share the files and folders across the organization's members.


The workflow can be enhanced as this application provides a good and common platform for all the members to collaborate. The best thing about the tools for project management application is that it ensures teamwork. Thereby, it also helps to increase the productivity level and ensure the success of each project.


Top 7 Best Project Management Software Tools of 2022





Trello app is based around the Kanban card-based management. The simple interface and the generous free tier of Trello are always used to create the ideal place for the individuals and the small tears that help it get started even with essential project management. Instead of using traditional tools designed for managing the resources and tracking processes towards the particular end date, use Alban-based apps such as Trello, which are likely more free-form and malleable.


At one time, when you are finished with your all specific card or all your entire board, it can also be already registered to hide it from daily view even while still being reachable, if however, it gets needed in the future.


The more key free tier even includes illimitable users and cards up to around 10 boards, and the one is "Power-Up" per each board. Even its limitless storage is also restricted to 10 megabytes per file. Also, the paid plans or Trello pricing starts at $10/month even with fear or no kind of any limitations and all.


But there are many kinds of biased reporting built into this Trello, and also, the third-party extensions increase even more options. Still, if the detailed reports are the primary management, you will need to look more into it. But, know that Trello is a great place if people want to start with any project management. It's already available on every Web, mobile, and desktop as well.





If the Trello software procedure somehow seems a little bit limited, and you don't even have an hour so you can devote to learning and setting up the multiplex project management tools, then you can check out Wrike. It is a free project management app.


Let's say we're talking about standard project management features like Gantt charts, valuable dashboards, and a comprehensive reporting suite that are all built. We're talking about quickly getting up and running on a small to medium-sized project without having to memorize all the ins and outs of a new or complicated system. This software comes in the list of best free project management software.


Even if the time tracking tool is also built-in and available to both the individual working on a specific task and whoever is managing the project as a whole, such as those found in other project management tools, it's not a substitute for a committed time tracking system. Still, it is also easy to handle essential and basic requirements.


Even the interface is functional, and when it could do with a little bit of a visual refresh, it is also so fine for any job. The free plan provides task management, collective boards, spreadsheets, an account-wide work schedule tool, cloud integrations such as Google Drive, OneBox, Box, OneDrive, and two gigabytes of total storage space for illimitable users.


If we talk about the paid plans of Trello project management, then it is a little expensive, though some of the competition. Still, it is also open up all the options of all kinds of software, starting with the shareable dashboards, interactive Gantt charts, and the productivity integrations such as MS Projects at the Professional tier, which has the cost of $9.80 per month per user and adding up custom workflows, real-time reports, time tracking, salesforce integration, and 5 GBs of storage per user at the Business tier which is of cost $24.80 per month per users. Wrike is Also available on the Web with iOS and Android app versions.





If we talk about the project management world of veterans, the base camp was launched in 2004, and it has also built a customer base for a maximum of 3.5 million users.


Basecamp app, the software always makes much of its ability to replace all the other multiple paid monthly services, from Slack to Dropbox. When it's not always a complete replacement, of course, the software takes several aspects of those tools and rolls them all into one system. Scheduling and calendars, real-time chat, private messaging, file storage, and more are also included.


Those who work with the clients are getting handled very well, with the help of e-mail integration and the ability to share all individual tasks & messages with people outside the organization. Notifications can also be fitted to all kinds of requirements, including shutting them off outside during office hours. It is also available on any Web, desktop, and mobile version.



Zoho Projects


As part of a broad suite of productivity tools even from the same company, the Zoho Projects has provided nearly all the standard features you always expect from the top project management app at a remarkably affordable price or with your budget price.


You should know that all the tasks are already viewable in either Kanban or more traditional styles.


So, the more basic time in tracking is built-in, and despite all the fact that it doesn't even replace the committed tool for monitoring, there are also many useful features. Even contacting other project team members can be accessed through the built-in chat app, which helps jump out to any external tools like e-mail or Slack.


If we talk about the free tier, it is already limited to three users, even with just 10 MBs of storage and two projects. Of course, it is kind of little enough for all those small projects or getting a feel for the software, but all the paid plans are already available on a 10-day trial. The other programs allow even more users with more projects and more storage, which start from $5 per user to $10 per user, so you can also save around 10% if it is billed yearly. Web and mobile versions of Zoho Projects both are available.





JIRA is considered one of several organizations' most effective and most used project management applications or software. Many organizations rely on this software for better management of their entire project. We all know how crucial it is to keep the project organized for better productivity and growth of the organization. Most of the time, it was found that a project which is not in an organized form kills precious time. It is essential to consider the use of JIRA to eliminate this issue. People widely accept this software and allow the team to make Kanban boards custom scum boards. Several facilities are available and can be used in real-time reporting facilities. The best thing about this software is that it easily tracks bugs and resolves them.



Teamwork PM


Teamwork PM is one of the best cloud-based project management software. The best feature of Teamwork PM is that it is the software with free access. It allows you to access facilities without any fees or a premium subscription. This project management software or application can be easily integrated with the help of google apps, excel, and any other software. This project management software ensures to allow the user to edit, create and view the documents directly from the e-mail id.


According to the source, it was found that most people in the organization prefer the use of Teamwork PM project management software, and it is the best free task management software available mainly for small teams. This software also supports the best and most effective use of google project management tools.





It is one of the most recommended project management software. Asana offers quality service at a very reasonable price. Asana project management is often used in conjunction with complex project management.


If we talk about the asana cost, you will find it very reasonable. This software facilitates strong reporting capabilities and makes built-in and customized reports. You can also manage both projects individually and your ongoing works in an identical way; even the board and metaphors are easier to appreciate as well.


As you already know that many powers are under the hood, with cards that are also able to include pictures and attached files, any hyperlinks, custom dropdowns, due dates, and many more at all. The asana pricing being considerate is just a bonus on top of all features.


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Final verdict



Furthermore, not everyone has the talent to use slack project management applications or tools. For that, it is suggested to take professional help. The professional can help your business use the latest technologies and applications to increase productivity. The professional can also result in completing a project within the given period. The best thing about taking professional help is that this gives you an edge as you would have basic knowledge regarding handling a project.


The best project management apps are only as good as the person using them. In order to maximize the benefits of these project management apps, one needs to be well versed with the concept of project management.


Taking the help of a recognized training platform like Sprintzeal and getting a certification from PMI can help you fully realize your potential in this arena. Don’t wait and start now!


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