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Growing Demand for Certified Professionals and the Importance of Certification

With the growing technology, employment opportunities are increasing and so are the expectations/requirements of the organizations from their employees. The technological changes demand special attention from the employee and keeping up with the trends has become an essential part of the job.

Importance and Necessity of Mobile Apps for Todays Businesses

From being a reliable means of communication to an effective marketing tool, mobile phones have come a long way. The amount of time individuals spend on their smartphones has elevated the demand for digital methods of marketing.

Sprintzeals App and Web learning System is Taking Professional Training Experience to New Level

With a vision to make learning easy, comfortable and effective, Sprintzeal has launched its new Android app that’s proven to be revolutionary in the professional/employee training industry. 

A List of Traits an Effective Agile Scrum Master Must Possess

Agile methodology has gained tremendous popularity in recent times and so has the importance of an effective scrum master in organizations. Managing a team, facilitating, exchanging the information and keeping the process intact are some of the duties an agile scrum master performs.

Unlimited Course Access

Sprintzeal has launched its new application with an aim to make learning easy, efficient and easily accessible to the masses. By offering a large number of courses at a price of $5 per month, Sprintzeal app is setting new standards and taking professional training to a completely new level.

Before trying out a new product — in this case, enrolling for the courses — we find ourselves calculating the pros and cons, finding variations and alternatives, debating over the worth and have our mind flooding with queries. In this blog, we’re going to focus on that and take you through a quick tour to help understand how the App really works.

Azure vs AWS which technology is better

Azure has been used widely and AWS has been trending for a while now. The competition between the two has been tough and the question of which cloud platform is better among these two is a constant. The run rate and profits garnered by these cloud platforms are close to $14 billion and neither of them is backing down when it comes to offering great features to the customer base.

The use and importance of Issue log in Project Management

An issue log is one of the most essential parts of a project management as it enables to monitor and track the progress of almost every area of the project. In simple words, issue log contains documentation of current and past issues of the project which is valuable information to maintain the smooth flow of a project.

Halloween special A set of most demanded certification courses in just USD 10

The Halloween season is here and so are the amazing offers and discounts on our popular certification courses. If you’ve been waiting for the opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and latch onto your career goals, now is the perfect time to do that; to be fearless and flourish — both personally and professionally.

Here are Some Ways to Use Big Data Effectively

Big Data has grown to become every industry’s favorite with all the benefits it brings along. It seems to have left no stone unturned and continues to find its applicability in various sectors. However, several companies/businesses lack planning and strategy on ways to use Big Data effectively.

Understand Scrum estimation techniques in no time

We are aware of the fact that estimating products using the scrum techniques is relatively different from the same using traditional methods. While the traditional methods adopt ‘bottom-up’ technique for estimation, Scrum takes up the ‘top-down’ approach. In the traditional method, things are taken up from scratch.

Supply chain response and the factors involved in it

Supply chain response refers to the ability of the supply chain to react to the market’s demand and trends. It is the about how quickly the supply chain adapts to an ongoing trend or occurred change. In order to keep up with the changing trends in the market, one needs to have a strong and quick supply chain response. It deals with the ability of an organization or its product to regain balance after experiencing a shift in the market.

what are process maps used for and their types

Process maps are a visual demonstration of steps, procedure, and flow of a process. The purpose of these maps is to help team members understand the process thoroughly to the minutest of details. Not just that, it also gives them a clear idea of the parallel process occurring alongside the main process. Tasks can be regularly evaluated and modifications can be made in order to cut down on unnecessary waste.

7 Most Common Myths of DevOps Demystified

Introduced in the year 2009 to the masses, DevOps has gained immense popularity and applicability in the recent years. It has become a major part of processes in businesses and industries of various fields. Like the name itself suggests, DevOps plays a major role in an organization by bridging the gap between the development and operations department.

Definition of progressive elaboration according to PMBOK

In the beginning stage of a project, very little information is available at the project team’s disposal. But, as the time passes, this changes. More and more information is gathered and makes it easy for the team to plan the process. This is where progressive elaboration comes into the picture. It allows the project management team to plan the project in a detailed manner. By reaching out and researching, getting to the details of the method becomes easy.

Which Six Sigma methodology is more appropriate for existing processes

DMAIC is the six sigma project methodology that focuses on improving the existing process. The approach here is quite simple: the parts that are measured attain focus and everything that gains focus tends to improve. This is a significant ideology for any kind of improvement. Identifying the driving factors, defining problematic areas and analyzing the situation are some of the steps in this. Measuring process performance gives better chances of growth. The idea is to minimize the number of defects and reach the ‘zero effects’ rate as quickly as possible.

What is the Purpose and role of Project Charter in Project Management

Project charter is a formal document that entails information like roles and responsibilities involved in carrying out a project, agenda of the project and details essential for project manager. All of this serves as a reference for the individuals involved in the process throughout the lifecycle of the project.

Top 10 Highest Paying and Most Valued Certifications In 2018

Whether you are ready to kick-start your career in the IT industry or planning to switch domains, certification courses can be your go-to choice. Choosing from the many available certifications can be a chaotic and wearying task; especially if you are a beginner. There are several certifications that are highly-valued in today’s industry. However, each has its own importance as many of them have made their marks in the industry. Therefore, after a comprehensive research, we bring you a list of the most prominent ones.

The Concept of Just in Time Inventory System and its objectives

JIT (an acronym for Just In Time) is an inventory management system used to increase the efficiency of the production process. Reduced waste, flow time and response time are some of the major benefits of this system. It is also called as Toyota Production System and was first introduced in Japan; sometime between the 1960s and 1970s.

Top 25 Interview Questions Related To PRINCE2 Certification

Introduction of course:


PRINCE2® (an acronym for Projects IN Controlled Environment) certification course offers an extensively detailed approach to effective project management with effective steps and procedures to follow. It is a widely recognized certification and has been high in demand over the past few years.

All You Need to Know About the 6th edition of PMBOK guide

An acronym for Project Management Book of Knowledge, PMBOK® is a standard guide with a set of guidelines focused on Project Management. The guide keeps updating and the latest (sixth) edition of PMBOK® was released in the year 2017.


The PMBOK® guide is designed by the Project Management Institute. The first edition was published by the PMI in 1996. Here, in this blog, we are going to talk about PMBOK®, its uses, key features, and benefits.

Understanding the concept of Continuous improvement through Six Sigma

Six Sigma is a systematic approach towards product/process development using a set of techniques and tools. Using the Six Sigma methodologies can have an immensely positive impact on the business garnering huge profits with reduced investments and waste. In a nutshell, it focuses on managing, improving and smoothening the process flow whilst taking measures to control/minimize the waste.

The need of implementing lean and some widely used lean tools

Lean is a popularly used methodology in various processes. Its principles help in reducing cycle time and waste. Several organizations functioning on large scale need economical processes without compromising with the quality. Lean methodology serves these needs and helps companies stay intact in this competitive business world.

The importance of root cause analysis and its application

Root Cause Analysis is a systematic method used to identify the true root causes of the problem and includes various tools, techniques, and approaches. It targets the factor that needs to be completely eliminated from the process.

The importance and roles involved in the Project Initiation phase

One of the vital steps in delivering a high-end project effectively is the ‘initiation’. The project initiation and approval is the initial phase where a project is acknowledged through a Business case, prioritized according to the requirements and aligned with the business goals. It is then followed by governance and planning which sets the project flow in motion.

Building Continuous improvement culture with the help of Kaizen

Kaizen is a Japanese approach towards productivity that focuses on eliminating waste and encouraging continuous improvement by applying changes on a daily/regular basis. The word Kaizen means ‘good change’ in Japanese. This strategy encourages the proactive involvement of employees at all levels in an organization to steadily achieve collectively set goals.

The Concept of GIGO and its application in various fields

GIGO (an acronym for garbage in garbage out) is a concept commonly used to refer faults in processes relating to the various field. It means that feeding unrecognized or improper information leads to improper or useless results.

33 best updates to social media platforms in 2018

We are flooded with tons of updates on social media platforms every year and such updates never cease to amaze their audience. To focus on the same and explore, here we are listing out the 33 major updates released in the year of 2018 so far, Read on!

Delphi technique and its importance in Project Management

The Delphi Technique helps to arrive at a common solution for a described problem. For instance, the project manager here is quantifying risk for her project and requires expert advice. To come to a well-thought decision, he/she can use the Delphi Technique. 

DevOps tools their usage and their purpose

Purpose of DevOps Tools?

DevOps tools are designed to bridge the gap between software development and operations with an aim to improve communication, efficiency, and performance.

Tips to guide you on your journey to Career Transition

At one point or the other, we go through the chaos of career indecision and feel as though we are traveling down the wrong path. This is a common scenario in almost every employee’s career.

Brace yourselves Heres what you need to know about Agile Management

Simply put, Agile Management is a frequentative approach to effectively managing and improving a project using agile software development methodology. It assists project managers in delivering high-quality products or services. Several organizations, including both startups and large enterprises, have adopted agile methodologies and the number only seems to be growing each year.

Can we imbibe six sigma principles in our daily life activities

Lack of planning, financial indiscipline, poor decision making and inadequate productivity are some of the major areas of problem in the lives of many. Ever wished there was a full proof stepwise plan to overcome this lacking? Now there is.

What should be my study plan for PMP Exam a step by step guide

A focused approach with a well-planned study schedule is all you need to crack an exam in the first attempt. Having a thorough knowledge and good grip on PMP® related topics would be a bonus, so be sure to revise the basics.

Top 7 trending technology skills to watch out in 2018

In the coming five years, the opportunities in the technical field are expected to increase by 12%. With such exponential growth in the tech jobs, hiring committees may be open to hiring the right candidates with skills required for the job and it’s time we make the most of it. Also, landing a job in great companies with impressive paychecks and work culture is not an easy task, these organizations demand skills. Having proper knowledge about the requirements of such jobs is the first step to grabbing them. So without further ado, let’s take a look at the most trending skills in demand this year,

The common mistakes made by Project Managers and how do they overcome

Handling responsibilities of a project right from initiation to execution can be a tedious task for project managers. They must possess various skills to ensure smooth flow of operations. While some projects are simple and can be handled with perfection and ease, there are times when serious damage can be caused by a project due to even slightest of the mistakes.

How to take failure as a challenge and convert it to success

 ‘’Put in the hard work and the success is yours,’’ the most commonly received advice on attaining success in life. But today, we wonder if it is true, if it’s safe to follow the advice with all our vigor and bet it’ll take us straight to achieving our goals with ease. This advice might have worked for a few generations but looking at the amount of change and development happening around us today, it is safe to say that hard work alone can no longer guarantee success. There are several other factors involved and gone are the days where ‘hard work’ was the defining factor.


Project Management in the field of Engineering

Project Management in the field of engineering is not to be understated, it is as important as project management in the corporate field.


Setting and achieving professional goals

Are you stuck in your career rut? Have you ever felt that you are unsatisfied with your job? Not sure how to choose the next step?


Reasons why Six Sigma Projects fail some times

Is your organization failing to deliver the projects what you promised? Project failure means inability to achieve the objective which six sigma projects were supposed to achieve?


Benefits of Blogging for Business

Today, Blogging has grown into so much and become an integral part of your digital marketing strategies. And it’s a marketing fact that blogs are facilitating business in numerous ways. From driving traffic to your website, building and maintaining your brand identity and brand awareness online, attracting new customers to your business, and reach right customers by promoting your content.

Is Six Sigma the employable skill in todays job market

The term “Six Sigma” may have become a buzzword in the business world. As more organization embraces Six Sigma, the need to hire and train the employees in this methodology grows. In today’s competitive business environment, there is much more focus on lean management, high-quality output, no defects and continuous improvement. These are the fundamental principle of Six Sigma professionals who use this proven methodology and tools to achieve near-perfection in processes. Employers also tend to look for candidates who have these skills to drive the business success.

Career Growth with Prince2 Certification

Considering Prince2® Certification among all other Project Management Certifications to launch a career in project management?

Whats New in the PMBOK 6th edition PMBOK 5th vs PMBOK 6th

In September 2017, the Project Management Institute (PMI) has published the 6th edition of the PMBOK® (Project Management Body of Knowledge) guide. Just like PMI released the 5th edition after the 4th edition of PMBOK® guide in December 2012. PMI updated a new version of the PMBOK® guide and the PMP® exam every four to five years as the practices of project management evolves.


Sprintzeal won the Best Emerging ELearning company award

We at Sprintzeal are honoured and entranced to be awarded as “Best Emerging E-learning Company of the Year 2017-2018” by the DNA (Daily News and Analysis) and Stars of the Industry Group.


It’s the 10th Annual-Innovative Education Leadership Awards which was held in Taj Land’s End Hotel in Bandra, Mumbai on Friday, 16th Feb, 2018. The DNA and Stars of the Industry Group recognized emerging e-learning company in India from various industries which serve as the inspirational role models for the industry and as well as for the E-learning business communities.


“Emerging E-learning Company Award recognizes not only company’s performance” but also certain parameters to nominate some of them were Best Company Growth, Fastest Growing Company, New Idea on Startup, Best E-learning Company, etc. Sprintzeal was nominated among 800+ companies who applied to win the award across India. This Award is truly a matter of great honor and pride for the team Sprintzeal and motivates us to strive harder and reach a business peak in the coming days and years ahead.

How to Find Fruitful career in IT industries

Nowadays, getting a new job in IT industry is never a simple process, especially when you add something extra to the list of things that you want.


Who doesn’t want to live a profitable life?


We always look for a career that not only provides financial support to our lives but also provides value and make us feel fulfilled. However, it’s not always easy to determine whether my current job is right for me or not. It takes time to adapt to the work environment and your position. There are some certain aspects that you consider during your job hunting that will intend your next opportunity will be fruitful one.

Career prospects for candidates getting certified on Big Data Hadoop Certification

What do you know about the Big Data besides being an industry buzzword?


These days we hear a lot about Big Data especially in the tech industry. An organization might have receiving massive data every day to analyze, interpret and come up with the insights.


It is quite remarkable to witness how quickly this technology adapts and has taken hold on the way people learn and organizations drive business. Big Data has a bright scope and leverages the benefit of business analytics to enhance customer experience and identify new markets to drive business growth.


No wonder there is great demand of data analytics skills in the job market but still face a huge skills gap in data management and analysis. According to the Glassdoor report, Data Scientists was the top IT role in 2017, and for definitely the demand of data engineers will increase in 2018.  From hiring Managers they always look for who has the skills of data analytics, data mining, statistical analysis and other analytical tools.


If you are IT professionals with the latest big data trend capabilities, future growth expectation are encouraging. There is an increase in number of Big Data Certifications on offer from vendors, universities and institutes.

Qualification vs Work Experience vs Certification What Matter Most When Hiring

What matters most when it comes to getting a job? What do employers look for? Qualification? Work experience? Certification? Or combination of these three? It’s an enigma that faced by many peers looking to headway their careers.


Hiring managers are more likely to hire job seekers who have coveted qualifications, have experience in IT environment and relevant skills sets and who would fit well into the organizational culture.


What grabs their attention most when evaluating CVs?  How do you determine the right blend that lands you best job?  Are IT certifications most important? What about the hands-on working experience? Any Qualification required?


Let’s have a glance on few aspects of discussion on Qualification vs. Work Experience vs. Certification

Project Management Certifications Which one is right for you

As every Professional is aware of the fact that certifications are the veritable way to succeed in your career and make yourself stand out in the crowd.



Agile and ITIL Can they coexist together in an organization

Many organizations are making fruitful businesses by using the ITIL® (Information Technology Infrastructure library) practices, and many other valuable ITSM (IT Services) methodologies. They are concentrating on improving their services quality. Along with the quality, organizations are trying to build agility, with the advent of new technology and the methodology like Agile Software Development.


New Year Resolution for digital Marketers in 2018

New Year is around the corner!! And with zeal are you looking for a fresh start? Set some exciting New Year Resolutions to be a better version of ourselves and businesses. Each year we make a personal resolution, many of us will take up our own resolutions like to get fit, save money, to hang out with family and much more but marketers have something else on their mind.


If you are an digital marketer what would be your? If you want to stay cutthroat in the forefront of the industry, it may be mandatory to adapt those trends so that you can lift your digital marketing to the next level and garner all the perks of doing so.


What should every marketer be thinking in near future?  What trends should they follow to drive result? Since 2018 is approaching soon, here are 5 New Year Resolutions for digital Marketers:

Stay one step ahead in your current working domain

When it comes to career- you often feel worn out or stuck to the same profession for a very long run. While working you may start getting the sinking feeling that your career is going nowhere.


I guess every one of us is Familiar with such kind of feeling right?


Getting one step above isn’t that hard- staying there would require time and effort. With the fast growing technology, your skills and knowledge become noncurrent and it is necessary to keep upgrading your skills to continue being unique in your domain. Because keeping your skill fresh and updated can help you to stay zesty and make you an asset to any organization.


What makes a genuine difference between the candidates during the hiring process? Recruiters will hire those candidates who have updated their skills and have some extra qualities.


If you want to be the pick of the litter there are a lot of parameters you must consider. First parameter is the ability to do your work in an incomparable manner. This will require some knowledge. If you are a programmer, you must be expert at coding, if you are digital marketer, you must be aware of all the marketing tools, if you are an entrepreneur, you have to up to date with the market trends and competitive landscape etc.


Apart from the knowledge it is also important to update the existing skills and should know how to advance in your career. Many People don’t know how to succeed beyond their current position. Sometimes it leads to frustration as all their fellow mates getting promotion even after working hard.

How do I Become a Data Scientist in 2018

Who actually Data Scientists are? What exactly they do? Why does everyone want to become one? How do you become one?  These are some commonly heard questions in the market as the term Data Scientists pass around.


Now, every organization is collecting massive of data across the industry and an Organization is looking for someone who can examine it to help a business make better strategic decisions and data-driven decisions. Data Scientists have a great job and high salary prospects as demand exceed supply. At the same time, the number of candidates with these skills is comparatively low as per the demand, which results in higher pay.  


What exactly they do? What skills does it take to actually become one how can you make the money when you are one?


It combines knowledge of computer science and applications, modeling, mining, statistics, analytics, and math’s to convert data into actionable insights about everything from product development to customer storage to business opportunities.


Mainly they are involved in data extraction from multiple sources, mining the data, running it through the analytics tools and creating a visualization of the data. They will spend hours in analyzing and validating the data to assure accuracy, completeness, and uniformity.


What skills do I Need to Become a Data Scientist?


They always own a unique combination of technical, Non-technical, and analytical skills.

Leveraging Facebook for better lead generation

Is your organization looking to generate more leads? Are you expecting to earn dollars per qualified leads?


In order to be considerable use to businesses, Facebook has been making it effective and easier for marketers and business owners to generate quality leads. Facebook is an important business tool for organization of every small startup and big companies. It still holds daily around 1 billion of largest active users and yields an excellent way to meet with your audiences. It can also help you to get found more easily in Facebook search, create a community, and join to community that relates to your niche, post and promote your content in front of the target audiences and build brand awareness.


Generating new leads using Facebook, might be that leads convert into paying customers is one of the most interesting ways to use Facebook marketing strategy.


An Organization can leverage Facebook for lead generation in several ways, now it’s up to the marketers to choose which approach will give the best result for their brands. Visibility and engagements are considered as most crucial of any approach, but you should also create pages and interact with the audiences on a regular basis.


To generate the leads for your business on Facebook, make sure your strategy includes these essential elements:

Career paths and job opportunities available for freshers in the market

To become the type of success you are setting out the goal you have to choose the right career option at the beginning. Every industry is creating new field opportunities for the fresher’s. In the initial stages you should be very careful while choosing the career path for a bright future. Nowadays, freshers are very much worried about their professional career options and personal life. The newbies graduating from universities has a pitiless competition for a limited number of jobs.


In this post, you will explore some profitable career paths that have a bright scope in the upcoming years and have a large requirement of the workforce to fulfill the demand.

Important SEO Ranking Factors and their Impact

Google usually makes changes to its algorithm, and its SEO ranking factors have changed dramatically over the years.


Want to rank higher in Google Search results? But you are not only one with the same wish, here other competitor’s websites are competing with you for higher ranking in Google search results. In order to obtain higher rank you should have a great SEO strategy.


Anyways if you are interested enough to know how to rank in Google page, then today you are reading the right content to find out the complete list together.


Read on to find the most valuable factors they are, and get the comprehensive information about the Google SEO Ranking factors:

Earn More Money with Affiliate Marketing this festive season

Well, A Festive season has already arrived. The things just keep striking our mind on festive time are shopping, buying presents and party. You have done shopping for Halloween, looking forward to Thanksgiving gifts, follows it up with Christmas and New Year Celebration.


What are you wondering now? Want this festive season to be more exciting? Here you have a coolest and effective way to earn some quick money during this festive season through Affiliate Marketing. If you are new to marketing industry then there is a fair chance that you are not aware of this marketing yet. Most of the people understand the start and end of the “affiliate marketing”.


What is Affiliate Marketing?


Affiliate marketing is one of the various ways to make money online when a publisher promotes your products or make a website to earn certain percentage as a commission from sales made. The money is made from sales of products that were promoted. It simply implies that, in exchange for your promotions of third-party products, you will receive a commission of sales when any customers via web traffic make a purchase through your link.


Sounds Interesting, right? It is. If you really want to earn money online from affiliate things then you need to understand how it works and whether it is truly for you.


How to do Affiliate Marketing?


The process is very easy and transparent to the marketers and publishers, the first thing you need to join the affiliate program you mean to sell. After successfully registration, the affiliate team would provide you an affiliate tracking code you can use for referring traffic to the target site. Also, you will be offered a text link in which you need to promote on your different channels or your own site to refer traffic. If any interested customers who click the promoted links will be redirected to the target site where the products are sold, if they make a purchase then you get a certain percentage as commission.


Your performance can be tracked by the affiliate team through your affiliate ID. You can also have a real-time access to all commission and sales stats.

Key Questions ask yourself before you make any Career Changes

Career decisions are the things of the heart. Just think about it. It can be difficult to make a big change. There are lots of things you need to conceive thoroughly before making any extreme decisions like switching your job.


What is your next career move? What do you want from your career or from next move? There are many questions that you should think carefully before finalize what your next move should be. While moving forward to next career, you must look at once your past and reflect. By having an experience in any field, you can get lots of clarity in terms of where you want to move and how you’ll get there.


Still, many people encourage a deep ambition for a career to fulfill them in some way. Before making any career decisions, you should ask yourself some question to determine if you are ready for a career change:


Why do you want to change your career?


The very first question you should be asking why exactly you want to switch your career? Is that problem the environment you working doesn’t fit you anymore? Have you been having a bad week?


Sometimes when your stress level is high, it can make you daydream about a different career. But once the work pressures get down, things start to go back to normal, and you start loving your job again.


Instead, the daydream could be one that is from a long run, in this case you should start thinking about it more seriously. In some cases, you are at a good position in your current career, and you are no longer feeling challenged or like no growth in your work. When this thing happens, people tend to switch companies for a fresh start, but also to maintain the same position.


Or else in some case, the problems could lie with the company itself. It can be discouraging if you are not receiving any recognition for your smart work, or may be a company policy is making your work life difficult.


An easier switch would take you to as same role at different company within the same industry. Through this, you could find a job satisfaction again without the big change in your career.

The Best Known DevOps tools that are commonly used

Businesses across the globe are incorporating DevOps Practices to optimize daily system administration and software development tasks. DevOps engineer apply tools to reduce the deliver time, improve quality, efficiency and productivity in the development of new software products.


DevOps is changing the way organizations deliver the apps to the market. It combines the software development and information technology operations, or the processes used by the IT team, as well as their internal and external clients to fulfill their business duties.


This process involves intensive work. DevOps engineers required of multiple tools in each stage to perform the operation successfully.


Here is the list of the most reliable, relevant, secure and useful DevOps tools that organizations are using the most:




Helping DevOps engineer daily, Nagios is a powerful monitoring system that enables organization to identify and rectify IT infrastructure problems.


Key features:


  • Capabilities to monitor applications, services, operating systems, network protocols, system metrics, and infrastructure components using single tools.
  • Fast detection of infrastructure outages.
  • Event handlers allow automatic restart of failed applications and services.
  • Multi-user access to web interface allows stakeholders to view the infrastructure status.




  1. Nagios X1: Pricing starts at $1995.
  2. Nagios Log Server: Pricing starts at $3995.
  3. Nagios Network Analyzer: Pricing starts at $1995.
  4. Nagios Fusion: Pricing starts at $2995.
why guest blogging is the best marketing strategy

Are you still doing guest blogging? Do you think that guest blogging doesn’t work out?


As marketers or business owner who cares about your website helping it to attain maximum heights. They probably do a research about all the strategies to stay afloat in the market. By doing it so smartly it can help you keep information of all the latest info about the SEO world and can provide you understand on how to promote your website in a better way.


In recent years there has been a lot of discussion going on guest blogging. Some organization might have stopped posting a guest blog on other websites, which can be very disappointing news if this is a plan of marketing you have been using.


But still, guest blogging can really be a highly beneficial for your websites. It’s a great way to build high-quality backlinks which are still important for SEO. Guest Blogging can also help you build networks, online brand and increase your exposure online. However, guest blogs can still be a positive impact on your business, it has changed a lot. The way Google look into it has changed in recent years, so you have to adjust on that.


Let’s take a look at the perks of guest blog posts as a tactics in your small business online marketing strategies:


Targeted Traffic:


The First benefit you will get traffic. If you don’t get a backlink, then you will almost stir the audience’s interest and that can lead interested readers moving to your websites.


Not only you get traffic, suppose you create content and that is relevant to your own industry that traffic will probably be matched to your own customer demographic.

Fuel your business growth with best effective marketing strategies

For business, marketing is food not medicine. It’s the usual and continuous stodge that gets your business where you want and whenever you want it. You need it throughout the day and daily. It is widely confessed that successful organizations have a depth appreciation of marketing and never stop. Many well-known big brands are investing thousands or millions of pounds on marketing. Growing your business is not that much easy. First you need a practicable idea.


Whether you are selling products or services, it’s burdensome to get noticed in the market, without the right marketing strategies to fuel your business growth, producing profits and staying in the market is nearly impossible. Growth of businesses not only depends on brands, products or services, and employees associated with it, but the right marketing strategies that is applied to make the brand popular and reach to the  right customers at right place where it explores.


All you need to understand the power of marketing and analyze the basic mechanism of the market and the message they are delivering to the audiences through the marketing and how it’s affect the public.

Scrum Master Versus Project Manager Differences and Similarities

Well, you all have heard about the importance of Project Management. Perhaps you are considering Project Management because it’s globally recognized credentials and more demanded.


But wait, you also heard that organizations are going agile and Scrum Master might be a good option.


Or maybe you are already Project Manager and you are curious if Scrum Master Job might be a great move to your career.


If you think that both are similar, then think again. Here I will explain you the difference in the roles of a Project Manager and Scrum Master.


They are not same. Both are invaluable roles. They are different in terms of roles.


Project Manager Roles and Responsibilities


The role of a Project Manager is to manage projects, the scope of the project and the resources used to make sure that the projects meet the requirements.


We will look into Project Manager Roles and Responsibilities are as follows:


  • Define Project Scope.
  • Planning Project goals.
  • Gather requirements.
  • Preparing the work schedule for the project.
  • Define the resources requirements.
  • Create the project budget.
  • Monitor and control the plan.
  • Assure Quality.
  • Manage risk, change and team.
  • Manage relationship and expectations with the clients and
  • Stakeholders.
  • Get the user feedback.
  • Close the Project.
The Impact of Internet of things on Marketing

The Internet of things (IOT) has already been proven its zeal in the business and in the economic world. IOT almost touched every industry, every corner of the business, and a big impact on the amount of data. IOT is affecting all industries as well as in marketing. It’s already revolutionizing the relationship between people and daily-life devices.


What is IOT Technology?


IOT (Internet of Things) is an advanced automation and analytics system which exploits networking, sensing, big data, and artificial intelligence technology to deliver complete systems for a product or service.


The IOT technology will influence every sector of our lives in the next coming years. IOT is here today, everything from the way we live, communicate, and involvement in the surroundings around us will be influenced by IOT.


It’s a whole new paradigm for creating a relationship, affecting everything that people make, sell, buy and do.


The main aim of marketing is to convince customers to buy certain services or products. Marketers will need to take benefit of each chance to serve the right message to the right person at the right time, this would lead to generate maximum sales.


IOT tech enables marketers to achieve this task in some ways, so let’s have a glance at a number of ways that how IOT technology will influence marketing for many businesses.

Does Professional Certifications really matter

Does Professional Certifications really matter? Can they assist me to land a better job? Or are they just a waste of money and time?


Countering to the question, in some circumstances Professional Certification can make all the difference between landing a job or not being considered at all. Let’s cut through these questions and make you understand why Professional certifications are really noteworthy.


Professional Certification is becoming more notable in today’s workplace. Employees are looking forward to garnering certification in a relevant field and value a set of skills and qualifications to perform the jobs at better pay mostly in the field of IT and healthcare.


Being a professional certified in some specific domain, that means you have taken the time to become an expert in your field, so it could open the door to many job opportunities and also provide the job security. Moreover, a certification might help you to grow your networks, which can also help your career in a number of ways.


In a competitive job market, professional certifications help you to stay at cutting edge. In fact, a report from CompTIA shows that an individual who hold certifications are more skilled and more confident about the concepts, and are more reliable than without those certifications. The study also reveals that employees with professional certifications earn more salary than non- certified employees.

What do you Think of CBAP Certification and the importance of being Certified

CBAP an abbreviation for Certified Business Analysis Professional is a level three professional certification program on business analysis. This Certification program is suitable for professionals who have in-depth business analysis knowledge and have years of experiences. Today, CBAP has been a most recognized certificate in an industry for business analysis professionals.


There are 2000+ certified professionals from 30+ countries with CBAP credentials. This figure itself shows that the demand of CBAP which is rapidly growing profession and this certification is gaining popularity globally.


In recent years, many business analysts, system analysts, consultants are seeing forward to earn the CBAP Certification. As CBAP course is designed to implement business analysis planning, requirement management, and communication analysis.


An individual will receive CBAP Credentials awarded by the IIBA (International Institute of Business Analysis) by clearing the CBAP exam. After earning the CBAP credentials they have the depth understanding of business analysis key concept and suggest the best business solution for the organization to generate maximum revenue. Business Analysts and System Analysts are best-suited candidates for the CBAP Certification program.

Digital Marketing The Next Big Career Opportunity

The term “Digital” has become the next big thing, and hence it is quite effective that every business moving to the digital way to promote their products or services. Industries have embraced digitization so quickly that it has created a large opportunity for online marketing.


In the early 90’s, there was only 0.5% of the world population had access to internet facilities. After 20 years, the figure jumps to 51% with 3885 million internet users. With the increased number of internet users, a transformation from lower generation internet connectivity (2G) to higher generation internet connectivity (G and 4G or LTE), there is a large scope for the adoption of digital Practices.


Digital Marketing skills are very great in demand. While the Digital Marketing looks quite promising, brands are paying more attention to digital marketing Practices or techniques than ever before like SEO, content marketing, social media strategy, email marketing, and more.

Pay per Click Advertisement  Really matters for small Business Success

How crucial it is for small business to drive success and stand out as flying color in the crowd? How will you move on when you are new in the market?


Kick starts with PPC advertisement is a great way to reach your potential customers fast, promote your products or services to have a strong stay in the new market. Because there will be no one knowing your products or services. So if you are new to the industry, you will have to accept the PPC that will remain in a long-term of promoting your services.


A PPC ad campaign through Google, Yahoo and Bing has become an incredibly efficient way to leverage the keywords target customers are using to search for your business or brands. It helps to generate good traffic on your website and to generate leads.


In order to sustain the growth rate, you are bound to accept the PPC campaign. There are some another reason to go for the PPC is to reinvest a part of their profit thereby generating revenue, generating web-traffic and developing another clump of audiences to their brand.
Here are a few reasons that make PPC necessary irrespective of the size and standard of a product:

Things that your Website turns Visitors into Customers

Increasing your visitors to your site that grows web traffic is pretty cool, who wouldn’t want to see this results? But only visiting alone doesn’t equate to a successful business. To make more successful, you need to convert at least one of those visitors and turn them into customers. Having a good number of visitors is awesome, but money is made only when you got paying customers, otherwise, you are wasting all the efforts spent to bring the visitor onto your website. However you have even paid to bring customers to your site, you need to understand what your customers want and you need to convert them into paying customers.

Tips to Build Outstanding Curriculum Vitae

Along with your career, an outstanding CV is must have for any job applicant. But even those with great certification you need to present those achievements in such a way that should be eye catchy to the hiring employers.

Moving to the Cloud can drive your Small Business Success

In the era of newer technology, the cloud has grown to a platform that every organization adapting to the Cloud and transforming businesses across an industry. Without accessing of top high techs, it can be difficult for small business to keep pace with their competitors. Companies that have adopted Cloud have witness remarkable reward, with the help of Cloud based tools you can redefine their data storage, data sharing, marketing and project management capabilities. With that ease functionality of Cloud infrastructure, made it very easy to set up a new business.

Importance and Responsibilities of Scrum Master in an Organization

The existence of expert and experienced Scrum Master is an important part of the success of Scrum teams which use to help companies to increase the productivity. He is responsible for making sure that Scrum teams live by practicing the scrum framework and assures effective product delivery by his team.
Here in this article, we will discuss the role and importance of Scrum Master which is making easier for the organizations to complete their project.

Cracking Project Management Interview

Are you prepared for the interview to crack the most coveted Jobs in every industry i.e. Project Management? Project Management is the best career decision to consider in your life. If you pursuing the next step in your career, then now you should know which is better for you?

The most preferred training courses to gain promotion

Want to get promoted in the job? Of course who does not want’s, but the question here is how, is it that easy to get promoted, if so how?

Tools Available to Increase your Social Media Reach

In today’s digital world, it seems that Social media marketing still commands everything. Social Media has defined Digital Marketing. With millions of people, big companies as well as small companies and entrepreneurs engaging on social media sites, trying to gain the attention of customers. All of these companies want to touch with social media craze and use it to their own advantage, to advertise products or services and market themselves. There is no magic formula for success, it requires the huge amount of planning, and effort to get a better result.

Deployment of Six Sigma Methodology in Human Resources Function A Case Study

The main aim of the study is to analyze the Six Sigma credentials and its impact on the strategic decision. Six Sigma as a business process is now allowing in the different organization to improve their performance by identifying and eliminating the flaws. Many companies attempted to implement this methodology for the business improvement and got backward in the middle or the beginning of the process due to the challenge in implementing six sigma in HRM (Human Resources Management). HR is the main element of any corporate business improvement strategy. Six Sigma has been deployed by HR team to accentuate the improvement in HR function and to achieve the objective:

Data Scientists The hottest jobs to watch out in 2017

In the fields of Information Technology, Data Scientists are in huge demand to look out and stay at cutting edge in the market. Positioning yourself for a career in Data Science could be a great move in your life. Earlier, Data Science wasn’t so popular, but their sudden popularity grows how businesses think about the Big Data. With the detonation of Big Data and needs to track in, employers keep hiring Data Scientists. But in IT industry, qualified candidates are very less in supply. The field is so new that many companies are not even in the track of big data.

How important is Networking for Professional Career

Networking plays an important role in your personal and professional growth when we think about the word networking the first thought we get through our mind is we need to do everything in an official way. We ourselves think networking is a long formal process, I can say it’s absolutely a big no from my side to the thought that networking is a formal process.

Is Digital learning really Beneficial for Professionals

As we know that the current era is termed as Digital Era. With the advent of new technology and the usage of internet in our daily living is like we are totally hooked on this to even complete one simple task. As the world adapting into more and more digital, technology is changing the face of learning and teaching. The days of the blackboard, the chalks and the dusters all are gone. While today’s learners use to prefer the digital devices including laptops, smartphones, and tablets.

Benefits of Six Sigma for Human Resources Management Professionals

Human resources are the person who works for the organizations and are responsible for coordinating, creating, implementing and/or managing policies dominant employees’ behaviour and the behaviour of organization towards its employee. The role of human resource professional is more likely aligned with workforce and management function that is viewed by the organization as paperwork.

Perks of DevOps Adoption at an IT Organization

Innovation, Agility, Speed are all equivalent to the market status. A company’s capabilities to deliver quality applications that achieve business goals, meet customer satisfaction, and drive innovation is crucial for organization success.

Project Management Methodologies Helps Marketing Teams  To Work More Effectively

Does your organisation work on demanding Project Management (PM) methodologies? There are some methodologies which are adopted by companies in order to make market themselves. Perhaps you have been Integrated some techniques and project management methodologies into your marketing strategies. Unless you have spent in IT industry as a project manager, it’s doubtful that you are familiar with the many methodologies associated with the project management.

Outcomes of Time Management at Work Place

It is very interesting that still there are some people who ask about, is time management important? , Should we plan everything that we are going to do? Might be the people are asking these questions may not have tasted the success by time management. Let me tell you how actually it can make difference and you can achieve success.

Professionals Who Dont See Growth in Their Career

When something like above is asked to a group of people or to an individual, the immediate thought that comes to one’s mind is they start thinking of the jobs that don’t see growth. Actually, it’s not about the job, profession or the sector it’s about the type of professionals it’s about their mindset of professionals which helps them to see growth in their career.

Role of Big Data in Marketing Sector

We have been doing marketing in the traditional way but in the fast growing digital era no more you can drive positive results to a business by traditional marketing, so it’s time to catch up with the growing technology and how we can make it effective to our industry.

Youth Can Become a Valuable Asset for any Organization With Project Management Certification

Learn something not only to earn the certification but to be unique in an industry with having advanced skills and knowledge. With the technology evolution, it’s not a secret that project management is one of the most valued and lucrative skills today.

Is Digital Marketing the new Traditional Marketing

The major observation that you might have come across if you are spending more time on the Internet, every page you open and every app you install have ads. If you have observed properly this trend of advertising on the internet has gained its importance from last five years. It means from decades the marketing practices we are applying are no more and one can say digital marketing is overtaking the traditional marketing practices.

How ITIL Certification helps you to grow in your Organization for IT Management Professionals

The technology is continuously evolving, making it difficult to stay with one technology. In this rage of technology, ITIL® (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is growing in demand and most widely accepted approach to IT Service Management in the world. It is an established within the ITSM (Information Technology Security Management) field.

Why Digital Branding is New Marketing Dodge

Continuously evolving in technologies, emerging social media platforms,   algorithm updates and increased mobile adoption makes industry progress. A bold digital brand building set is critical in this age of digital rage, where the customer and stakeholders interact and engage with the process actively.

Impact of Digital Transformation in Healthcare Sector

Are you adopting yourself in the digital era? Are you aware of the forthcoming technology?  With the ever-increasing digitalization in today’s world, technology plays a vital role in every industry and personal lives. One industry that has a huge impact from digital is healthcare sector.

With the Automation Threat Looming Employees Reskilled in Newer Technologies

Will robotics lead over your IT jobs? Although the newer technologies have reduced the workforce, a recent survey an automation replacing growing numbers of employees in IT sector including highly skilled or basic knowledge employees.

Why should you get yourself PRINCE2 certified

PRINCE2 (Project IN Controlled Environment) is a structured-based project training that offers an efficient method for delivering a successful project with templates, process, and steps. It is extensively used by the UK government. AXELOS is currently the governing body of PRINCE2. It is also widely identified and used in the corporate sector, both in the UK and internationally.


PMP® (Project Management Professional) is one of the leading management course and has proven the most efficient method to delivering the product within cost, schedule and constraints. It is globally identified professional designation accredited by PMI (Project Management Institute) which is the governing body of the PMP®.

What are the benefits of becoming Six Sigma Certified

Wanted to enhance your career in the field of quality management and make your career grow at a pace then definitely one can say Six Sigma Certifications are the one for what you are looking for. The application of Six Sigma process and principles has grown in wide range among various sectors. We cannot say a particular sector rely more on Six Sigma principles it can be applied to any sector and we can see the positive outcome of the process.

How Six Sigma Helps to Improve Quality in your Organization

Six Sigma a set of principles that helps to improve the process to get quality output. Let’s have a glance how actually these set of principles are playing a vital role in manufacturing & other sectors. Six Sigma principles are basically designed to improve the process in the manufacturing sector; this is not said by anyone history itself speaks a lot about Six Sigma in the manufacturing sector. Initially, it was developed to improve the process in manufacturing sector later with its positive outcome it has been applied to other sectors.

Big Data Job Opportunities in 2017

It has been a massive year for big data in 2016 and now the focus is on 2017. How much the job market of big data is going to grow and how it is going to impact the big data field. Almost we have completed Q1 of 2017 let’s see how it was going till now and how it will be for the remaining quarters.

Twitter A Key Success for Startups

@Twitter (Always wondering What’s Happening) is a social networking platform where the users share short burst thoughts and interact through messages. It is also known for online quick news.


Is it really holds a good impression when you have your own brand name? But have you ever thought of how important to build your personal online reputation in today’s world of digital media? Some people think like that I am not a CEO or co-founder or manager so it doesn’t matter much to me when people search for my name in Google.

How Content Marketing Is Emerging For Todays Business And How It Helps Any Startups to Grow

Not sure if content marketing is right pick to your business or not? As one of the few marketing strategies is growing years over years and now content marketers face more competition than ever before. Content marketing is a strategic digital marketing approach to focus on creating and delivering valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract the audiences. Content marketing is the one of the effective marketing for your business to grow online and for good reason.

Are you a dynamic citizen of the world no one dynamic city

Bengaluru, the silicon valley of India has topped the list of the world most dynamic cities in the report released by JLL (Jones Lang LaSalle). According to the JLL city momentum index, 2017; Bengaluru along with 5 other Indian cities have got the place in top 30 lists.

Guideline to startups under latest tactics of Digital Marketing

The present world of Marketing is evolved from the apelike ancestors, then why are we not evolving? Well, this was the question of ages. And we already know where the technology of marketing is reached now from the time of creating a go-to-market strategy with the market plan was way too much sufficient for marketing any services of the company.

Now the vast changes in market modify the strategies and planning frequently on the basis of real-time market and to catch up the line of the market we need new media and technologies to achieve the results above the level of marketing to digital marketing.

How good does an extra certification values in todays time

In today’s competitive world where competition is on a high peak in each and every field of industry, Due to increase in competition every individual need to have extra knowledge or certification apart from a regular degree to go through any interview.

Is Education really imperative

Yes, education is imperative for every individual. It shows the nation’s growth and development. How much is a nation educated is demonstrated by its individuals and their education. In this educated world nothing can be possible without education. So to survive in this world you have to be educated enough so that you can at least deal with others.

How Technology Can Change the Future

As technology is changing the world very fast, we can’t even imagine where we were after few years. In our day to day life, technology is changing at a fast rate.

1 hour of work can be completed within few minutes by using latest technologies. It is a collection of new skills, techniques, and processes. It has many effects.

Technology is a very wide term and everyone has a different way of to understand the meaning of technology. It is an application of science which helps to solve a problem.

How to Train Employees in an organization

Training is the best way to gain knowledge. Simply reading something and disremembering after few minutes is not a good choice.Training helps to remember things throughout the life rather than simply reading it. Giving proper training to existing employees and newly hired employees is beneficial and helpful for companies.

Why Education is the Most Powerful Key to Success

Education is important for everyone and it is the most powerful weapon to achieve success. It plays very important role in our life. Education is a must for happy and luxurious life. A person is incomplete without education. It helps an individual to become a good citizen.

6 steps for a Successful Business

A business also referred as firm, is an entity involved in the process of exchanging goods and services to the consumer. Running a business is not an easy job. 

Success in business requires hard work and money. Money is the most important thing that you must have to start your business. Without money, it is impossible to start a business.  Now starting a business is difficult but making a business successful is more difficult than that. Proper planning is needed to make a business successful.

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